My girlfriend has almost got it!

Hey everybody!

My girlfriend, Jo, has almost learnt how to ride! Video here!

Thats got to be at least 3 revs! Soon she will be riding the trails with me! (Hopefully!)

Rock on!

It’s good if your significant other can ride.
Mine can, and we bounce off each other a lot.


it looks like you just stood there while she rode into you lol.

she’s pretty much got it now, YAY

Lol! Yeah, when I got to that stage I was pretty much there, just an hour of twos more practice and I cud ride half the length of the street!

Rock on!

first of all edd ur in deep shite for postin that vid and second im gettin much better now:D but thanx for the encouragement lads

I read your signature…that’s true! I took about three months to learn to ride, but it’s possible, if I can do it, so can any other person… :stuck_out_tongue: Just keep practicing, if you have enough spare time to use the Internet, you have enough to practice…

Can she skate?