My Giraffe came in!

Well, I picked up a torker unistar TX from my LBS. The guys down there were awesome, and didn’t charge me shipping because they have one or two more on order after some unicyclists (which I have yet to meet!) saw mine :smiley:

They tuned it up, and watched in awe as I took my first terrified pedals away from the scaffolding of the building next door. Needless to say, I’m very happy with it, except for the seat, which isn’t exactly ideal for riding :wink:

I just got it yesterday, and manage to freemount it this morning. I’m the height of bus drivers when I’m on top of it, so it’s great to be riding along, and wave to a bus driver coming in your direction. The expressions of people sitting the bus seats is pretty awesome too.

The only sad part is that I don’t really see any neat tricks (other than riding it) that could be performed with a giraffe. Is there anything I should try out?

Anyhow, I’m going to go try and get freemounting down now, and amuse my neighbours :smiley:

(p.s. - the smiles on the faces of people going past make it worth what I paid even besides how fun it is to ride!)

Wow, great job on freemounting so quickly.

Here are a few skills that should keep your Giraffe well exercised:

Idling: Standard, one foot, one foot leg crossed, leg extended, foot on opposite pedal

One foot riding

Seat in Front, Seat in Back


Hopping, Jump Rope, Stairs

Rolling over an obstacle


awesome, thanks for all the suggestions. I can’t wait to get out and try them :smiley:

You can throw down on most of the normal uni tricks on a giraffe, it’s just little different.

You’ll be learning tricks in no time once you get more comfortable on your tall rider

thats dope dude. my giraffe i dont ride much. i can go backwards and idle on it- but i tried hopping only one time and it fell out from under me. it was a bad fall. so be careful with the hops.

What method did you use for freemounting: climb-up or rolling? Whichever you used, you can learn the other. My experience with giraffes is very limited, but I have ridden the one at the local juggling club on the two evenings I have gone. I manage the climb-up mount on the second night after about ten minutes of practice. I found idling and backward riding weren’t too hard, but I had trouble with one-footed riding because there was a lot of slack in the chain. Hopping wasn’t any harder than on a regular unicycle, except that the seat didn’t have a handle, making it slightly awkward to hold. I also managed a spin, which wasn’t too hard, except that it took a long time to get it going.

Flyer Wrote:
“The only sad part is that I don’t really see any neat tricks (other than riding it) that could be performed with a giraffe. Is there anything I should try out?”

Trimming the tops of trees :smiley:

Congrats on your new wheel.

Re: My Giraffe came in!


How about you come clean my gutters!
(just kidding)


“roadkill” <> wrote in
> Flyer Wrote:
> -“The only sad part is that I don’t really see any neat tricks (other
> than riding it) that could be performed with a giraffe. Is there
> anything I should try out?”-

How did you learn to ride it so fast? I got mine the other day and finally got on it today, I have lean on a fence like when I started riding.

Freemounting is impressive for all but the most jaded spectators. Then you could do some spins, backwards spins, seat in front.

Learn to un-mount down to the tire, and hop on it or wheel walk it while holding the frame. Then climb back up.

And, of course, juggle. That’s always a big one in parades. If you get real good, you can pick up your clubs without dismounting!

From the ground? How would that work?

The only thing I can think of is by getting onto the wheel somehow, then leaning over to pick stuff up, then climbing back to the pedals.

other than that, I don’t know! :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats im getting my 6’ savage in the mail real soon. Yea how do you pick up clubs etc. off of the ground. How do you climb,(step on the chain sprocket?)

Sorry a little off of topic when i get mine in are giraffe’s easy to assemble when i have never seen one.

Let us know how easy it is for you to mount.

Yeah i wouldn’t do too much hopping on the Torker TX, my friend bent the axle on his running it off curbs and now the chain goes tight and loose every rotation, wihc isn’t very helpful. I’ve also got a TX, and agree the seat is crap, it seems like they put the seatpost too far back so it feels like the seat is always trying to pull out from between your legs. I think i’m going to shim the frame and get my KH seat on there.

Thanks for the tip on not bending it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve done a small bit of hopping, so I know it’s possible. I guess I’ll leave it there.

Also, I was looking at the bottom of the seat, and it looks like you could possibly bend out the clips underneath it that keep the cover on, pull the foam out, put on some gel or a tube, and retighten the clips. I’m beginning to think this is more and more what I’ll be doing.

However, I think I’ll be waiting until I have the cash to purchase a KH or whatever fits on that seatpost that’s more comfy before I go mangling up the seat! :smiley:

The TX is a slick looking uni, and I’m also getting that pull backwards feeling, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because the wheel is pulling forwards. If you make a concious effort to straighten the whole thing it dissapears.

Also, ICP8456 - You mount it just like an ordinary unicycle rollback mount, just put the pedal corresponding to your strong foot in the lowest position, and use it as a step to jump up and onto the saddle. I wrote about it in your thread actually :slight_smile: