My future Muni?

What do you think?


psst! Joe! You’ve got no spokes in that there wheel!


pssst, i know, but dont tell them! I couldnt be bothered to sit and draw them all in! Obv, the real one would have spokes, but if we dont tell them, I dont think they will notice!

Not only that, what 's holding the bearings on? There’s no bottom half of the bearing caps! Must be magnetic.

Uh, nice frame, who makes it?

I have this slight feeling that this post is going to look really miserable, but anyway…

Would a disc brake on a unicycle actually work? I’m wondering how much clearance there would be between the brake and your foot as it goes past on the pedal. On a bike your feet are miles away, but not so on a uni; I’d hate to knock the brake into being skewiff or even damaged with a stray foot.

And a mudguard? What? I purposefully ride through muddy puddles just to make it look more extreme when I get back and people see how caked in the stuff I am… :slight_smile:

But that kind of frame is nice. When I’m rich and famous…


That’s the XTR STI lever as well… 9 gears? :slight_smile:

You might want to get a round tire. Not to mention those look like KH cranks, do you really want the nubs?

Nice frame, but mud guards are for wusses.


My partner in the 24hr race rode a muni with a disk brake. He likes it. I guess you’d have to be careful where you let your uni fall, and trials would be risky. Is that the reason trials bike riders don’t usually run a disk on the back? Because they do a lot of technical stuff on one wheel and don’t want to damage the disk?



i wouldnt be worried about ruining the disc brake i’d worry more about the flesh,tendons and muscle that it could slice (and dice)up if you crashed awkwardly or at pace. Frankly i stick with good old Magura hydrolic brakes.

Heh - I’ve got one of those in the shed at home.

replies replies replies!

Well, the frame i drew myself on Paint.

Yes, those are KH cranks. This is not a perfect drawing btw! So what if they are KH’s. i like them. I dunno what i would put on if I did make it.

As for the hub, its a secret… you wil find out soon. (btw, its not me that is making it)

It might be a XTR STI lever, I dunno, I just got a bunch of pics off the web, and threw them together.

I also like the mud guard. I doubt would put one on the real thing, but i think it looks good :stuck_out_tongue:

I quite like the idea of a disc. Its my opinion. I dont usually hit my wheel with my foot/leg when i come off… Its a muni, so i wouldnt do trials on it.

Andrew, how did ‘your partner for the 24hr race’ find his? Can you email/PM me with his address.

Disc brake Muni


Sorry Joe, I can’t find his address. He had his muni custom made. It’s got a custom hub which fits some sort of splined crankset but I don’t know which ones. The best I can do is show you a picture…


24hr - gabe's muni - around hub.jpg

From my somewhat limited bike trials knowledge… I think disc brakes are a bit heavier, although they are more powerful. As most braking power goes through the front it makes sense to have one there if you’re going to have one.

Plus I suppose if you miss something and bend the disc it could be expensive; from watching people in York the back wheel looked more in danger of being whacked if you don’t get up something you’re trying to jump onto.


in bike trials the disc area is likely to get hit, bending the disc, so a lot of bike trials riders dont use disc brakes.
They are also heavier than say a hs33 (most of the time). Most people also find hs33’s lock the wheel better for hopping about on the back wheel.
Its also a lot of personal preference, some prefer disc brakes, some like the mag’s.