My future article in "MBR" magazine...

I found out yesterday that Richard who now works at the bike shop (where I also work part-time) has been writing columns for “MBR” for three years now. MBR is apparently quite a big British monutain biking magazine (maybe someone can tell me what MBR stands for) which I think may also be on sale here in Australia as well. Last night Richard asked me if I he could do an article on mountain unicycling and my muni experiences and so on with a picture to go along with it!!! He was thinking of also writing about my muni for part of it explaining the equipment used for muni and so on.

I couldn’t believe this and don’t think it’s realy hit me yet that I’ll have an article in colour and so on in a mountain bike magazine. I’ve been mentioned in a little local newpaper for riding in the Bike Week ride with some other unicyclists but this has really shocked me. I think I’ll have to laminate the page that it’s on and put it up in my room.

We’ll either use one of the photos I’ve got at or go out and he’ll take some photos but I don’t know about that given the fact that it’s been raining for a while now. He’s asked me to find 3 links about unicycling in general. What do you think of these ones?


Re: My future article in “MBR” magazine…

Hey, cool!

My favourite site for riding in general is


Which of the other links would you get rid of to add

Can anyone tell me how and are linked?


I’d only put one of the sites on because they’re both linked to each other off the front page. Maybe as most of the readers will be UK based.

I wouldn’t put in a mountain bike magazine, it’s a bit old fashioned and nerdy doesn’t really portray the kind of riding mountain bikers are likely to be interested in. Great for freestyle / skill level obsessives, but not so good for actually getting out on rides outside.

Maybe put in as mountain bikers always talk about him and it has links to lots of pretty pictures?

MBR is Mountain Bike Rider magazine, it’s kind of the less jump kiddy of the two widely available mountain bike magazines here. There’s also MBUK which is quite jump / downhill oriented and aimed at teenagers. I think Joe R is talking with someone at MBUK about doing a Muni column.

Give us a shout when the article’s going in and I’ll go down the newsagents and have a look.

You should try and get them to put in one of those log ride pictures you’ve got, they’re pretty cool.



good thinking
hang it onto a personality and head off the ‘clowns in the dust’ preconceptions before they start
once u’ve got their attention, they might be able to go thru the unicycling sites with something resembling open minds


Thanks for clearing that up for me with the different magazines. You make a good point about and I think I will take your advice and add After all he has been one of my strongest mountain unicycling influences and I agree that his site would probably appeal to the mountain bikers reading the magazine. I think the log riding picture in my avatar is my favourite and i might suggest that one. Thanks for the kind words.