My Freestyle Gallery (John Childs, please read this!)

OK, I’ve now officially started a gallery dedicated to my freestyle! Check it out: And John Childs, check out the last clip, it’s of me trying to do the freehanded seat-in-front that you recommended!

Reminds me of that old show “ZOOM” way back when…

Really Tyler, videos are great and all, but don’t make them ridiculously long, with talking and titles/narrartion. All of that video of you talking can be reduced to text. It makes it so other people with slow connections can watch your videos, and people like me can tolerate the crund in between the writing.

Good riding. All you need is videos with only riding, no lipsyncing, no little brothers, no narration… none of that. It’s ok to have 10 seconds or less of goofy/non-unirelated stuff, but any more of it is really really annoying.

Keep at it!

Sorry to go off topic, but… I was on ZOOM in 5th grade they did a segment about our after school unicycle program and I was in it riding a graiffe. Anyone seen it?

Keep working on your skills, you have the advantage of starting younger than most people. I also think it could have been compacted more so it would pack more “punch” into a smaller package and would be less dragged out.

OK, I’ll cut the crap on those movies… thanks for the advice!

Actually I have. I remeber seeing a thing about unicycling on zoom a while ago… And a boy riding a giraffe. I havent watched zoom in like… 4years at least. Is it still around?

I used to be obsessed with that show :stuck_out_tongue: But ONLY when they had the good cast like Pablo, Jared and the others but I dont remember their names. Sooo good!

Ive only seen it once and the only one I have seen was the one about unicycles…

I used to watch that show because it was on right after Bill Nye. I saw the one with the uni… sweet. I stoped watching after they canceled Bill. Those bastards… Sorry Tyler, I know your young eyes shouldn’t be exposed to such words.