My first "You've lost your other wheel"

It had to happen sooner or later. I started unicycling at the end of July on my 50th birthday. It was just yesterday that I got my first “You’ve lost your other wheel!” Oh, I did get the “Entry of the Gladiators” hummed at me a long time ago. Otherwise it’s been mostly, “Why?” to which I reply, “Because. Some people climb Everest: I do unicycling - it’s more dangerous!” A teenage girl did a “Oh My God!” probably at the unicycling rather than at my impressive male physique [not].

Maybe we silver cyclists don’t provoke so many insults as the younger ones. Maybe there’s more “respec”.

This weekend was a landmark. Freemounting! Before, I was using a little piece of wood or the roadside curb as a “starting block”. I can now dispense with all that and mount anywhere! (30% success rate so far, but still, it’s all progress).

Jerry Attrick

Its almost an reward to get your first “You’ve lost your other wheel!” :smiley:

Congrats on the freemounting, the is a nice step to make in unicycling. You’ll soon be freemounting every time you try it.

I wonder if older riders get less comments like that now too, cause I know me and a lot of the teenage riders here get comments all the time, ranging from very good to very bad.

Keep us updated when you progress more. Your doing great! =p

Well done with the freemounting. Being able to freemount makes me feel like a ‘real’ unicyclist. It also gives you the freedome to cycle where you choose, not where there is the required mounting posts.

I don’t know whether silvercyclists get less insults. I remember 7 "where’s your other wheel"s in one 6 mile ride. I have also had stones thrown at me twice in my 18 months of unicycling and last weekend some kids were throwing sweets at me (not to me).

Congratulations on your progress. Freemounting is a big step. Now, wait until you hear all of the variations on the “clever” lost wheel comment. You have one of the best usernames I’ve seen.

Hooray! I’ve been actually riding but I’ve never gotten a “Where’s your other wheel?” I’ve gotten lots of "How do you do that?"s though. :roll_eyes:

Your on a coker! Run them over!!!:smiley:

I was riding my MUni when those incidents happened :angry:

Well in that case roll hop at them!:smiley: Even if you stop at the last second it still scares them!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Jerry!
Cathwood is right about the freemounting.
The other day I did a couple of miles along Swansea beach until a patch of soft sand resulted in a spectacular UPD and a round of sarcastic applause from a group of dog-walkers.
Keep up the good work.
Try and find some forest trails. :smiley:

Re: My first “You’ve lost your other wheel”

Thanks to all. Encouragement is, as you all know, greatly appreciated. My next target is to be able to turn in a circle smaller than the width of our road. Then to idle and then to try going backwards. Unfortunately, with winter coming on, practice time is diminishing.

Hmm. Thinks. What shall I get for my SECOND uni?

BTW. Just got “Unicycling: First Steps - First Tricks”
by Andreas Anders-Wilkens, Robert F. Mager (ISBN: 1841261998). Just published and translated form the German. I think it’s pretty good for a beginner’s book. Better pictures than Charlie Dancy’s, and more up to date. What do others think?


Welcom to another “over 50” rider. You’re doing great on riding and freemounting this soon after startig.
I have been at it since april and am just now getting some confidence at freemount, averaging 50-75%.I find it really strange that I have “hot and cold” times. Some days I mount repetitivly without a hitch; then, I’ll go eight or ten attempts before I get up and going.
Anyway congratulations on your productive midlife chrisis.