My First WW!

Okay, so first of all, you guys need to understand something. Ever since I got my uni and started looking at stuff online, the wheel walk has been kinda my ‘wow, that sure is wacky and cool’ trick. It’s the one that seemed like it was so hard and out there I’d never be able to do it. Now, of course, I realize there are harder tricks, but … I dunno. I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for ww :smiley:

And today, I managed to go about 8m down my driveway with a two foot wheelwalk.

So, as you can probably guess, I’m feeling pretty awesome! Now I just have to get one footed turning, backwards circles, and seat-on side (currently my arch nemesis!) down for level 5.

anyone else just learn something really cool? do tell!

I recently learnt wheel walk too (well, going from wheelwalk to riding again still ha sa very high fail-percent), and I am now aiming for one foot wheelwalk, but it all takes time. Anyways, congtaulations on your wheelwalk, it sure is fun, isn’t it?

I have also recently learnt to idle onefotted, not very useful but quite cool! And, even less useful and much cooloer, (I don’t know what it actually is called, but this should describe it) jumpmounting with 180* unispin (get the picture?)

Congatulations. Wheel walking is one of the most fundamental freestyle skills, and it leads to endless cool variations which will keep you occupied for years.

One of my newest skills is doing hand wheel walk in a circle. I’ve also managed to do Daiki walk (stand-up wheel walk, seat on side) for around six meters. It feels really weird, but it’s not too different from regular stand-up wheel walk.

Congrats! WW is the “greased pig” I’m currently chasing… haven’t caught 'er yet! On my best days I can go about 1.5m before the uni goes shooting out from under me. I managed to learn one-foot idling and am working on extreme one-footing (downhill MUni on rough terrain one-foot, trials ride on skinny one-foot), but still can’t nail the “mother of all things freestyle” WWing! Arrgh!

I’ve noticed that one of most peoples first goals is wheel walking, probably because it is awsome! :sunglasses:
I can normally go 2-3 meters, mostly I’m learning so that I can glide. Learning those two skills is my goal for the next few months. :smiley:

nice job! I’m working on 270 unispins right now, and am very VERy close to getting it…after that I’ll learn a 360 unispin, and be satisfied with that (: no way I’ll go for 540+.

Re: My First WW!

Not so fast there. :slight_smile:
Your next skill will be learning how to get back to the pedals after wheel walking. Getting back to the pedals consistently and reliably is the tricky part. In order to pass the level you have to WW 10 meters and then get back to the pedals and ride away.

I’m working on one foot wheel walk. It’s taking me ages to learn because I don’t practice. I am getting it though. I’ve had some 30 foot plus rides in the gym. Outdoors I don’t do so well yet because the concrete and pavement isn’t as level and smooth as the gym. I’ll get it soon. Then it will be time to learn to glide.

i recently learned to ww and 1 foot ww pretty well. Now im hoping to learn to glide and ive started to try hop on the wheel and get down. I can get up and hop on it but getting down is the issue. BUT my best trick that i just learned is to one foot backwards.

Threadjack kinda:

Who do you think (if its possible) to do a 900 unispin?

I believe it will be that guy named Shaun Johannson (sp?)

Just wondering.

I was like that with gliding. It looked THE coolest trick to do, and that I would never get it. Now it’s one of my favorite things to do… speeding down hills is an awesome adrenaline rush :slight_smile:

Dan Heaton gets my vote… though Shaun is some tough competition.


id say shaun mainly becuase hes landed who knows how many 720’s and filmed like 5 of them, ive trid to stand next to my uni and just spin it that fast, and i oculndt do that at all

Yeah I can barely spin it 540 while holding it.

It took me forever to WW, and then forever to 1 foot WW. Congratulations.

Is it just me, or is 1ftww MUCH easier? normal ww is just too slow.

Max_Dingemans does 540 uni spins. I don’t know if he’s gotten up to 720’s but he probably has. He has a special uni spin uni that has a 16" wheel. The smaller wheel makes it a little easier to keep the feet out of the way of the wheel. Max is in the TCUC.

Several weeks ago a gal (name withheld) had seen my book, “Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course!” on the web.

She emailed me to ask what level rider I was. Since I’m not really interested in the whole “level” thing, I could only estimate. One skill I never tried, nor was I interested in learning, was wheel walking. I replied that I just didn’t see the point. She encouraged me to add it to my list of skills to learn because it is really fun to do.

With her encouragement I set out to learn to wheel walk. This week I’ve been practicing for about 15 - 20 minutes each night. After 5 days I can wheel walk between 50 and 60 feet.

I have to say that the gal was absolutely correct. Wheel walking is actually a lot of fun. I’ve been riding for over 32 years and in just a week my control and balance has increased dramatically.

I can see that wheel walking will be a stepping stone to other freestyle techniques.

Woo hoo!!! I’ve been learning to WW the last few forever and have been doing really well the last few weeks. I can now WW really far most of the time, and I get my feet back on pedals somtimes. It’s so fun. But the other day the pedal on my onza caught my left ankle and pulled it forward. At the sametime I was falling backwards. A little later I went inside and discovered that my sock was drenched in blood (Pretty sweet looking). So I went and got some leg armour today. They give me the guts to try all sorts of stupid stuff (YES)!

No Joke? I did exactly the same thing yesterday. I tore up my left calf and also ordered leg armor.

I guess “great” minds do think alike or maybe I should say “unicycle” minds think alike.

Way to go!

Me too.

i actually have a question about a trick i havent seen anyone do yet… on the internet at least im just learning to unicycle at the moment. Well ive seen people jump and then take one of their feet off a pedal and plant it on an object an then hop back on the unicycle all in one fluid motion, no stoping between. What i want to see is that same trick except when puching off you do a rotation, 180 360 whatver would that not be cool?

There’s a vid of that trick in Xavier Collos’ ‘Street Motion’ video. He footplants to 180 I think.


Yes, wheelwalking is a VERY fun trick and leads to so many fun fun things in freestyle. Dave, I was te exact same way; I saw Kris Holm gliding when I was first learning and I was like “Jeeze, I wish…” and now I can do it flawlessly!