my first wheel build by me

at my local bike shop being trued

very good looking

Man I don’t know if I would have the patience to do that. How long did it take you?


yes its hard to see,but its the white nimbus hub,and I just watched a youtube video,but it was a 3 cross pattern,so I just moved every spoke over 1 to make the 4 cross pattern,about 5 hours of trial and error

It looks like it will be a solid wheel. I can’t really tell, but is the valve hole between spoke clusters, or is it inside of one? It kind of looks like it’s one spoke off, but I could be wrong. It’s very hard to tell in the photo.

Yeah, it looks one spoke off to me also. It’s not a 20", so it’ll work okay still.


oh yeah I messed up on 1 spoke,my local bike shop is gonna redo and tell me where i went wrong


these are the new nimbus venture 2 isis that will be going on the wheel

Do they have some kind of insert at the pedal or is it just threaded into the aluminum?

Oh My Stars. Nice friggin’ wheel dude!

You must ride everywhere with that thing. Except places with a slight inclination of course.

2 Wheels are for bitches am I right or am I right?

Ridin’ one wheeled Uni’s Fo’ Lyfe’.


no inserts,def not as nice as moments,but Im sick of KH parts going up in price,and I only ride cross country,