My first week of unicycling

Well, as of today I have been unicycling for one week. I have been on it everyday, no idea how long, but i’m addicted. I am now able to get on, while holding on to something, fairly smoothly, no more destroying my shin. I can ride easily with support, and frequently ride without support. I have just started riding without holding on to anything. I am having a new problem of having the pedals get “stuck” (I push when the pedal is at the top of the cycle, but nothing happens). I have discovered that I cannot steer at all and am at the mercy of the uni. I suppose that now it’s all about practicing and counting revolutions.

Cool, try to keep your weight in the seat and remember pedals go round and round not up and down. Have fun.

So I’m pushing down instead of around? How do I change that?

Keep pushing/pulling from 1 oclock all the way around to 9 oclock rather than 12 to 6. And everybodys is going to tell you to practice practice practice etc…

and one more thing…practice:p:D

Mazal tov!

When saying ‘round and round’, you can also think of it as, when feet at 12 and 6, the 12 pushes forward and slightly down (so foot stays on pedal) and 6 pushes back and slightly down (same reason). Thus, move pedals around, not just up and down.

To avoid getting ‘stuck’ - don’t let your feet stop/slow down at 12 and 6.

Start with your feet on the pedals at 3 and 9 and push through a half revolution so they are now at 9 and 3. Keep doing that so you get used to travelling right through the 12 and 6 ‘dead’ point. No more stuck :slight_smile: