My first video

Hello again.

I’v just managed to get my first video on the gallery. (Thank you for the free account Gilby!!!)

It is here at:

And is called “DarkTom’s Fire Lane Kerb Gap” near the bottom.

I have since done the gap a lot smoother and with one bounce on each kerb but I aint filmed it again. This was really an experiment to see what windows movie maker is like compared to premiere, as premiere wont read the video produced by my digital camera.

I am a media technology student and have tried to edit it the best I could with the software. Obviously premiere would have been better. But WMM seems okay.

Please feel free to let me know what you think. I would appreciate the feedback.


Seriously folks, any input is good. Even if you just want to tell me that it’s shit I don’t mind.


The video works!

You jump opposite the way I do (you’re left foot back, left hand on handle, jumping to the right). You must be left handed. :slight_smile:

Would like to see some more actual riding than that. But i got to say those jumps… vere awsome, must be more than 3’ gap in between.

the gap is pretty cool. lots of control on the landing. the distance isn’t bad either.

My positioning is the exact same and i’m right handed. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, nice video.

Again good gaps, dark crystal font too cant beat that lol

Nah, man! I’m right handed, my mate rides the opposite way to me (he’s left foot front, right hand on handle) and he’s right handed too.

I haven’t measured the gap but I can lay my uni down straight between them and the kerbs just touch the bottom of wheel and top of saddle. Probably is about 3foot.

I’ll put more riding in next video, I’v done all the steps/stairs I can find in Glasgow so there’s plenty footage there to use.

Today I was filming me doing these concrete pillar gaps, it’s like a playpark kinda thing, while I was there a kid and mum came down and they called them “The Jumping Stones”, so I’m calling them that now too.

I have foto’s of the pillars but I am in easyintenet and they won’t let you upload owt!

I’ll make a video up of them this weekend and put it online on monday at uni(versity).

Anyone got any comments on my editting?Anyone know anything about editting?

Anyway, cheers for your comments, they were very much appreciated!!

Take it easy y’all!!!


alright thomas it’s iggy, excellent jumps man, was just looking at buying unicycles and came across your footage, any more footage to come?

how many cameras were used, or did you use multiple takes?

These Videos are cool!

That is some jump Tom, very impressive.



IGGY? Iggy?

Is that you Iggy? As in Iggy? With the computers and learning to ride my uni’s and Iggy? Iggy In Glasgow Iggy?

I’ve been filming loads, I even borrowed my bro’s dv camera for it. They’ll be up soon.

I used two camera’s (both wee digital-still-that-does-video) my bro holding one and one on the kerb.

Cheers Innes, man! Good to hear from other scottish riders. Are you coming to BJC in Perth this year? Loads of unicycle stuff there, trials comp, orienteering, and a unicycle only show!


Re: iggy?

It is indeed that iggy, i have an all seeing eye on the net, plus i’m currently saving up for my own spandagnly unicycle at the mo, i want one i wnat one i want one, i’ve decided i’m gonna unicycle and combine it with parkour for the ultimate sport!! hope thing’s are well T and when i buy my unicycle i’ll be asking your advice!

later T, say hello to everyone