My first video.

This is the first unicycling video. Its not crazy extreme, but there is some gluiding, stairs and other things at the skate park. The younger kid on the unicycle is my brother. This is not everything I did at the park, just everything that we taped. Enjoy.

thats a pretty sweet video

Not bad, your younger brother is pretty good for a little kid.

One piece of advice: The camera guy should zoom out. Or at least back up, a lot.

i am with harrys dad.

zoom out

really cool gliding

you need to learn to hop better

to much glidding and i wouldnt also shoot my hole video at a skate park id mix it up a bit more

Some nice tricks in there!

Checks in for the PLEASE ZOOM OUT CROWD. We need a perspective on what’s going on, and the zoomed in thing gets confusing.

Kc, Dont listen to any of the people that don’t have a video out and are thrashing you. It was a well done video, with a small camera issue but overall very well done! drew, make your own video before you tell people what to do with theirs…

Geez. I thought you listened to like old crap rock. Then you put Deer Dance by SOAD on there. I like the band and the song, but maybe a little heavy for some people.

Very impressing gliding clips, and i liked the whole movie a lot.
I wanted to get our and ride when i saw it.

But i think you should invest in a camera tripod.

Thanks for the comments. A lot of the footage had to be thrown away because the camera was to zoomed in. I know it wasn’t super impressing but one of my goals in this video was to get people to know me better. I think you can learn a lot about someone just by watching them ride. Ill start working some more on making some nice videos with more diversity.