MY First video

Hey, starting to make my frist video then if you watch the whole thing youll find out why i stopped making it. Its interesting lol Heres the link

Enjoy! Thanks!

You ride with riley I see. Nasty fall.

Good ups.

Guessing you know Riley? Or he snuck into your trials course haha
Cool video. What’s your highest jump?

Oh come on! Don’t let a broken wrist let you down :wink:

ya hes my buddy. me and him built that course in my backyard. i just learned to seat out jump about three weeks ago so its only six pallets for my best or 90 cm

Riley was here! hahahaha:D

Bummer about the wrist. Your fault for trying a dodgey obstacle though :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid.
I seem to recall that song being in the movie “hotrod” :wink:
The safety word, whisky, didn’t work in that stack :thinking:

year and a half.

I asked Riley on His thread bout his new vid but he never replied, so…

Where In the valley are you guys?

(I’m just curious cuz itd be cool to know some other riders in the general area)
(Im in AZ too)

we are in pheonix

I actually didnt see the end at first.
lol, but you just kind of walked off the pain. Very much unlike someone in my p.e. class who broke his wrist the other day and was wailing and sobbing on the floor!
Ya, I’m im gilbertish area, 'ats cool

lol i replied. you must have missed it.

Way to show guts! Good high ups. Keep on…

Yeah! Why else do you think god gave you two arms?:wink:

nice ending;)
i whish i had even 1/4 if that stuff to do trials on

Wow ur good! cool style u have, keep it up!