my first video

this is my first video
yeah it’s not that great i have a lot to learn and feedback would be great
sorry about the quality it look really good before i uploaded it

No link. :thinking:

Not too bad. How long have you been riding?

that was good. editing was nice, song choice great. Good 1st video!

Not bad :slight_smile:

about 1.5 years but only for like a half year seriously but mostly just trails and very lit trials

One of the best first videos I’ve seen, everything flowed really nicely. You might want to load your vid to vimeo, because youtube destroyed the quality of your video, I watched it in high quality and it was crystal clear. My only recommendation is not to use transitions other than maybe a standard fade.

Good first video. Liked the music also, a great change from what is normally used.

Cool, you’re a better rider than I am! I’m currently sitting here waiting impatiently for work to be done so I can get home and practice my hops.

Excellent first vid:D