My First video I bothered to put together

well I took my video camera to school and messed around on a bunch of stair set there’s lots of bailing and a few shots of me nutting myself. I didn’t make it down any stair sets until the end thought, I never gave up and probably spent about 15 minutes trying to make all those stair sets…


Nice going! You have persitence, which will pay off for you just keep at it and soon you will be JUMPING sets!:smiley:

the last set I jumped ending up in me being in surgery for a while(a 4/5 set that I landed oddly on and smashed my… well I’ll let you take a wild guess) I’m going to attempt the set again this weekend because I’ve increased my rolling hops pretty good. I may try to side hop down a small set this weekend (my Side hops are about knee height now which for me is about 22 inches and I can get decent distance with a side hop now almost half a parking spot)

awesome get it on video and post it…and be careful!:smiley:

will do… I don’t know how much riding Time I’ll have tomorrow but i’ll get as much footage as possible, I may be able to take my unicycle with me wherever I go, it depends on wether or not mygirlfriends parents will allow my unicycle in their car… I hope they do.

hahaha… i laughed so hard when u almost hit them girls i bet u gave them a scare haha :slight_smile:


yeah the girl was talking about it all day today, she rides my bus…

mad props for your perseverence.:wink: i really felt for you on some of those bails. :astonished: i would’ve said i knew where you were coming from, but as the video unfolded i began to say to myself- wow, this looks really masochistic :thinking: , then i thought it was funny :roll_eyes: . eventually i began to feel guilty for laughing at other people’s misfortunes:o and then i thought to myself, this is a pretty cool video.

thanks for putting me through such a rollercoaster of emotions :astonished: :thinking: :roll_eyes: :o :sunglasses: - U2 went really well with the video too.

your welcome and if you look closely at my face in the slow motion clip of the second bail I’m kinda smiling… I dunno what that means but I think I was just having a little too much fun bailing… thanks for the compliment about the song, I wanted a sing that fit well witht the way it was cut together and was long enough to fill the entire video and I guess I picked just right, I was chosing between “With or without you” by U2 and “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. those two songs both fit well and I chose “With or Without You” because I thought it fit slightly better.

I brought my uni to school once and spent the lunch hour riding around in the courtyard and showing off. I rode down a set almost exactly like the second one you do.

You’ve got perseverence. I counted 27 attempts. I bet you would have done it sooner if it wasn’t raining.

When you get some cash get a saddle w/ a handle, a fatter tire (I think the widest that frame will take is a 2.1, but maybee a 2.25), and a heavy duty tube.

yeah I’m upgrading soon, I’m still riding a CX if you can’t tell…

you should jump down those white things, they look fun:D

Those with things are about 10-15 feet up from a bunch of cars… and on the other bunch of white things are about 30 feet up from a sloped driveway…

That uni sure is a taking a beating haha. Congratulations on finally landing it though!