My first Video Flatland

Hey everyone this my first big video of flatland unicycling. Hope its nice for you

please comment

Awesome video :wink: my favorite part was the 720 unispin. that was nice.

sweet nice flatland

That was good. Your really good at flatland. And nice 720 unispin. :slight_smile:


Riding was really awesome, you did great combos ant tricks but what you must training is filming and editing :slight_smile:

your really good at flatland. it’s very nice.

good video all I ever see is street nowadays… love flatland


Flatland is all I’VE been seeing “nowadays”. Its hard to find a good street video, and the forum is loaded with flat vids. I’d say the flat vid to street vid ratio is 3:1

Cool vid, I can’t believe I missed it. Keep it up!


Hey, nice vid, with some easy tricks!See you at ODM!

sure that will be cool thanks for all coments

Pretty good at flat, but I cant figure out why you put those street clips in your “FLAT” video. Specially when your flat and street skills are on such a different level.