my first video... DH

This is my first unicycle video… I hope you will like it :slight_smile: All bad and good comments are welcome… sorry for my bad english

I have never seen a MUni rider wear a full face helmet.

i have seen few… if you saw my track in live you would understand why i wear full face helmet :slight_smile: it saved my live more than 10 times

but do you like my video?

I loved it. if you rode a 24 or a 26 MUni it would be so much more flowy and fast!
I wore a full face helmet when i rode in the snow here but never for pure DH MUni. when i get my new MUni i may try.

i don’t have money to buy 2 different helmets so i bought one that i can use anywhere :slight_smile: yes 24" and 26" would be great but no money no fun :slight_smile: one day maybe i will buy me new muni

there is nothing wrong with a fullface helmet :smiley:
i liked the camera work and editing, the riding would be nicer on a 24 or 26 muni as said before.

I think the 19 inch is appropriate for the extremely technical riding in this video.

Honestly my 24 when i had it was alot faster down my DH trials than my 19

I like it, there were some cool DH parts in it
it would be even cooler with 24" tho.

Love it, now I think I’ve got to take my KH20 into the woods instead of waiting for a justification to buy a 24" or 26" muni.

That’s correct, but I think they meant the 19" was appropriate all the parts where he was statically jumping over the more difficult bits of terrain.

my opinion is that is 26" to big for this track, and without brakes is allmost imposible, 24" is great but on some parts that track is to technical and at same time is to big steep for 24" so to ride that track in one try 20" is perfect

I liked the angles and the riding but agree with everyone else- the extra speed of a bigger wheel would make it more interesting (for you as a rider as well as us as viewers of your video). Save up- get a 26" with a brake and learn how to use it and you will wonder why you put up with using a trials uni on the trails. I didn’t see anything in this video that couldn’t be rolled at speed by a good rider on a bigger wheel.


You’d be surprised. I ride trails like this pretty often and my 26" rolls over the technical stuff really well. Much less stopping and hopping with the larger wheel. When (if) you save up for a larger muni, 24 or 26 will be really fun on those trails :slight_smile:

I must buy 26" :slight_smile:

Good vid :sunglasses:

From the Woods uses a full face.

I’ve seen another European guy w/ a full face who also had fully armoured jacket. He also rode a 19 in all the vids I’ve seen him in, but I don’t remember his name or exactly where I saw the vids.

+1 on the bigger wheel.

well i am going to windrock tn to ride my 26MUni when it comes fullface and body armur are what im wearing

Nice video! The filming was great!

Nicely made video :slight_smile: Didn’t realy like the dubstep though :slight_smile: Nice edting/filming!