My first video: Bloody Shins

I finaly made a video! I was the only rider, and it was only at my house, mostly my porch. I was in the process of gathering footage, but I had already got about 15 minuites and decieded to make a video.

the ridings not great but it’s decent.

that was a cool little video. don’t worry to much about the riding I have seen worse. you are doing better then me because i haven’t made a viseo yet. I would have made a video a long time ago but i don’t have a video camera. how long have you been riding. i don’t know if you have got that gap from the porch to the sidewalk yet but it would make me mad if i could keep landing beside of it and not get it.

Thanks! I’ve been riding For maybe three or four months, it was three months since I got my torker LX, but before that I could never jump over the stiars and land it. I can make that gap with a rolling hop, but in the video I was just trying to do 180s and stuff off of it so I wasn’t too concerned about making it. My parents get mad when I jump off there because it wears down the plants, as you can see! they didn’t say anythig for the video though.

I would love to make a video but our video camera broke and we haven’t got a new one

If you have a digital camera that can take video clips, that’s all you really need, and somone to film you, for a short video. Some of the clips on my vid is from our digital camera. it would actually be easier putting it onto the computer and you wouldn’t have to break it into clips. then you can just use Winows Movie maker if you want to put it on the web.

By the way, I plan to make a longer video soon, when I get more footage of me in different places.

BTW, how do post videos and pictures on the gallery?

when I get my dx I might make a short little one with my digital camera. where can i get windows movie maker or any other movie maker at

To post in gallery click gallery at the top then theres a link that says your gallery then it’s easy from there you just upload.

Windows movie maker is a simple little program that’s pretty easy to use, and you can make pretty good videos.You might not be able to do some speciel effects, like mirroring a clip, but all of that ads complicity. If you have a windows XP, then it should come on your computer, i’m not sure if it comes on windows 98 or 95. You should be able to find it in the start menu. I would suggest just taking a few little clips and playing around with those fist, maybe make a trialer or something. YOu will probably have to covert the clips before you import them into the Movie Maker; there are plenty of free programs to do so. I don’t know a whole lot about actually converting the clips, my dad just showed me how we do it. When in doubt, use the Help topics I guess!

Thanks pinefresh, I’ll try that.

Cool Ii see you got it working. Nice jump!

I found it thanks. When my dx comes i am going to make a crappy video. I am going to just ride around use my dads video camera, and use windows movie maker. The main reason I am going to do it is because it will be fun and i want to prove to my dad i can make a video with it

Yay, I posted it in the Gallery!

That’s pretty much all I did it for. Just to have fun. I was going to make a big long video, but I had a bunch of footage already, and I was getting impateint, so I made this one. I didn’t even get all of the footage I wanted to at my house. I was planning to get a few shots of me jumping off of our truck bed and quarter pipe, but I was going to do those last in case I broke my uni. I was going to use our Tony hawk helet cam, but just decided to make this video. I acutally made it in an hour or two (once I finally could get the computer to myself). Good luck on your video!

P.S. I sent you a PM back.