My first Vid

Heres my first unicyling vid

other than chicago uni 2 I suppose, but that was more of zack vid than mine

I spent a bit of time into it so ENJOY


The Vimeo link will be posted as soon as it finishes uploading

tips and comments are always appreciated

Like I said on youtube,
The filming made it really hard to watch.

Nice 180 unispin drops, and good first vid!

was it the video itself that needed to become smoother or me or zach??

if its the vid hopefully vimeo will fix that

thanks for the comment danni

Neil Peart rocks my socks. and nice riding, eh?


Yeah Pretty much the best drummer ever

Camera work. Hold the camera smoother! I’m a bitch yes, but it really makes a vid more enjoyable.

Music made the movie amazing for me, I’m a huge rush fan. Great riding too…

Yea the filming wasn’t to great. I like the style of riding though, it looks like you have some pretty cool places to ride, I wish we had one of those playground step up stools, I really want to try one.

The beginning reminded me of a cheezy soap opera, with the train and street sign.

Too bad I just exausted most of the cool places by my house in this vid.

But chicago is pretty big im sure i can find more good places to ride if i just look harder.

Heres the vimeo link


Yea I’ve run out of places to ride as well. But in 2 weeks I get my license so I’ll be able to ride in different cities.

Hey your video inspired me when I watched it today. I found some concrete pvc pipes, just like in your video and decided to hop across them. You’ll see them in my next video.

You should have put a 3spin in there, but nice video. I thought that last trick was a 3spin, but after watching the trick a few times, it looks like an inward smallspin…

The text and the music made it look like a video from the 90’s, in addition to the poor film quality.

Not bad, it was still quite enjoyable.

sounds sweet they are pretty fun to hop across. I just wish I could hop up them though. the ones in my vid were like 4 feet 7inches. Great to hear my vid inspired you to go practice.

no its definitly a 3spin the pic on my avatar is straight from the clip.

granted its sketchy

I rotated my body maybe 60 degrees to land the 3spin but the uni definitly spun twice around.

If you want to be picky i suppose you could call it a 300 degree unispin but I think it should count as a 3spin

Opinions anyone? should this count as a 3spin

The only reason I was downing that, is because while the unicycle was spinning 360 degrees in relation to your body, it only spun about 260 - 270 degrees. Had you not turned your body, it could have been landed to tire, which is why i say 270. Try not to turn your body so much when you throw the seat. It doesn’t look quite as attractive with that body varial, and it looks a little sloppy. Nothing a little practice can’t fix though, keep at it!

Will do