my first vid

i have never had the blessing of a recording device, hahaha. this took me forever to make as i have never used windows movie maker…and im assuming thats the worst? what does everyone else use to make vids?

anyway it’s a couple 29 inch si hops and a lil skinny riding. I didnt bother with changing audio, ill figure that out in my next vid :slight_smile:

thank you ahah.

yeah i can hop only about 24 inches sif…but thats cause I never practice it…like for every 300 si hops i do 1 sif hop. I want to 100% master si hops…im thinking my max height is going to end up being 33 inches or so…once i max that ill switch to sif.

and yeah…ive briefly used 2 arms out for rails, and i feel how much easier it us…but i just hate the idea of the unicycle possibly falling out from under me and having no control, haha. but once I get better at it ill switch to 2 arms.

What’s amazing to me is how high you have your seatpost! Your legs almost lock at the downstroke, so I don’t see how you can get that high! You make it look almost effortless to get that high! :smiley:

Dang. That’s an intense first video. Those SI hops are worth bragging about.

I can only get like 20 inches SI.:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Emile on the rail, but it seems like you’ve fixed that. Would you mind taking a few pictures of your rail, it seems like an easy build and a very effective rail.

yeah will do tomorrow, no problem. i also have an attatchment for it…haaha ill take pics of that too. it is very easy to build. its just saw horses from home depot, 6$ for 2 :).

oh and muniaddict, thats actually very low for me :). I have a 500mm seatpost on my other 20inch thats my actual correct height hahaah.its cut just a bit…so its prob 475mm. I dont think I could get 29 with the seat that high. the reason they look like they lock so much is because im almost always standing up while riding

the yellow one is my correct height :slight_smile:

Wow, nice. That seat is crazy high(in the pic).

and backwards.

hahaha, the frame is backwards…i put it on wrong once and didnt feel like fixing it.

Cool video. These SI’s are great.
Try hopping onto the rail from the ground, looks like it won’t be too difficult for ya. :slight_smile:


yeah, im also gonna use 5 or 6 pallets instead of 4 when im practicing the skinny so i can start sorta learning to drop onto skinnies as well.

Sick vid.

Me needs to work on my hops. . .

Sweet video bro. I think our hops are about the same with yours being a wee bit higher then mine.

No way…
So impressed… if we do a regular meetup you have to help find a spot for trials as well as a place comfortable for newbie riders to cling to. You almost have me wanting a trials uni… Almost. :wink:

pretty much anywhere downtown is good for trials :slight_smile: