my first vid, watch it

I have been riding for just over 4 months and have been meaning to make a video for almost as long. I have finaly done it and it hasnt come out bad. hope you enjoy it. click here to watch.

constructive critsism would be apretiated for when I come to make my next one

ah I forgot to add 2 clips, one of me riding a skinny and another of me ww, nvm

wow! i’m going to really need to up my game- that’s a really good quality of riding for how long youy’ve been at it!

i’m jealous:D

good stuff!

I liked It. Your a lot better then me at street.

For constructive criticism I would say try and lessen the pre/recovery hops
on the trials parts. Other then that, Great Vid!

beat me to it.

gewd video.

thanks everyone, I think I could probly do most of it with no prehops, for my next vid I will try and do that, thanks.

do i have to watch it?

edit: nice vid

Yay, I’ve ridden twice as long as you’re, but you are twice as good as I am. :astonished: Now I feel that I suck at unicycling. Nice vid.

To make you feel better I will release the truth, I ride alot

Nice video, try and get a little more snap into your crankflips. They spin a little too slowly (for my taste).

I know they spin slow but its almost beter because its more clear than just a blurr although when I move onto learning hickflips I will definiatly spin it faster.

Good stuff I will have to work hard to catch up seeing you a month or so a head of me! Loved the video!

That was really good. How long did you film for?

I have been riding twice as long as you and you are a bit better then me. I guess I will just have to practice more.

apart from the first 4 shots it did it all in one afternoon/evning but after I had finished editing it and had put it on youtube it was quite late.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I would concur w/ Surfer1024 and Amanda on the prehops and fast progression.

I’d say the prehops mess up the vid more than the gap before the line/trick. (But also harder to correct:()

Line suggestion: w/ the table & rail @ 2:20 hop from the bench to pedal grab on the rail, then hop on or ride it, or hop over it to the other side. Make sure to have the camera facing you (too many people have the camera facing their backs the whole way through trials lines and tricks).

Edit: How much riding is a lot? eg. 20 hrs/wk.

I try and go out most days normaly for about an hour, if im trying to learn something new its often longer and on weekends I normaly ride for most of satarday then sunday I normaly go windsurfing. for me I would say thats alot, not sure about everyone else.