My first vid (trials)

heres a link to my first unicycle video - one and a half months after buying my first uni.

comments / tips/ suggestions more then welcome

That was alright but the lack of music made it difficult to stay attentive.
Good work though.


i just realised i uploaded the wrong video… obviously the one with no music. sorry i will fix this up

THIS IS THE ACTUAL LINK the other one may be corrupt / has no music

thats not a bad video mate, have you tried to hop with the sit in front of you yet? (SIF) do a search on SIF hops. its alot easier and you get jump much higher.

cheers :slight_smile:

I wouldnt say that. I dont know why so many new riders are so intent on learning to hop SIF after only being able to hop for a short time. The video was good but I would say that you are better off getting alot better at SI trials before you start trying to ride SIF (no effence). There is no advantage of learning to hop SIF untill you are efficient at hopping SI and your hop hieght is being limeted because you can not get enough tuck.

Hey man, I only just realised your from New Zealand, where about are you? Are you registerd on the New Zealand forums yet?

Ahhh I just saw the vid and saw Nelson, can’t watch the rest of it yet though. My comps going too slow.

wooo another New Zealand Unicyclist!

I liked it! Keep it up. Pretty good for a month and a half.


thanks for the advice everyone, i will continue with SI untill i am confident in the basics and will also start learning how to do a pre-hop :smiley:

where are these forums?

Yah, I rode SI hops until I knew it SI was hurting my abilities. I learned SIF once i could hop about 1 and a half feet.

This is nothing about the topic but how do you get a mini thing under your name/pic? like urs is “i just nailed a 180 unispin” Private msg me plz :slight_smile:

So your the guy who did that unispin tutorial… I was and still am a bit using your tutorial. I thought you might of had the same name on here as you would on youtube but who cares nice vid.