my first vid- this time it works

here it is. it worked for my friend on a different computer so i think itll work for everyone this time. hopefully. i decided against posting any of my grinds cuz i cant ride out of them.

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It requires the use of IE, MSN or AOL. Perhaps I will always wonder what the video looks like.

requires IE…darn. use the gallery, thats what they’re here for!!

Should I go and start IE just to download this film?
And IF I do so. Do I have the permission to upload it in to my Unicyclist Gallery?

thanks amanda. wanna go have a steak dinner sometime? we could discuss freestyle.

i would love it if youd upload that bs into your gallery. that would mean everyone could view it right? id appreaciate that.

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Thats prety good! I liked the standupww right next to the water… I thought you would fall in or something. :slight_smile:

You really should try to put it in the gallery… its no different than uploading pictures in it.

So everyone, including the firefox people can watch it.

Cool video. Thanks for putting it in the galleries, Fenix.

Thanks Fexnix.
cool video, I really liked the one footed gliding, I think I’m gonna learn to do that!!
I was expecting you to fall into the water at one point while riding on the dock, but I was disappointed…(:


Looks like you’ll have to correct my spelling again. Why can’t I get that right? Better: why does that look right to me when I type it?

It´s OK haper!

Ah, I’m glad you did it. I couldn’t figure it out, so I… gave up.

Maybe you have some terrible typing disease.

Nah, I think Fenix has been getting it wrong all these years, its just Harper’s more tuned into reality than the rest of us…


thanks fexnix! youre awesome man.

thanks forest. glad such a great rider like yourself enjoyed it.

yea its not much different than regular gliding, just when you take your foot off the frame, make sure to apply more pressure on the wheel.

also, since this one didnt get everything i wanted in, ill probably make another when i land my first 360 unispin. i dont have the balls to land it.

damn those glides are cool, i have never even seen one footed glides those were sweet. it would be nice if there was some music though. still quite cool.

Nice riding chosen! Thanks for sharing. I just have no idea how people learn wheel walk. My feet feel too big when I try!


thanks guys! also, podzol i bet you could learn to whel walk if you just reserved like 20 minutes a nigth for a few weeks just set aside for it. i dont know if you have the time but normally when i wanna learn a trick, i spend my time only on that one trick when i uni.
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