My First Vid and an Attempt at a Callout

My first vid. I had planned on getting some filming done but it rained all day so it’s hardly interesting.

In the meantime, girls! Get out and strut your stuff! I hardly see any vids with girls in them these days save for Amanda. Stop lurking and get your cams out already!!

Pretty good 1st vid.
Would like to see one in the light though, but thats just me.

I’ve been riding for a pretty long time actually so I quite suck :confused:

Would love to do one in the daylight but I’ve to work and I’d get so lazy during weekends. The next one will be in the day. But that’d be when I actually learn a few more substantial tricks.

pretty nice!! yeah lighting does kinda stink though…
like the wheel walk, i cant even do that very well…

The strange thing is, I could see everything clearly on my camera preview window but when I got home, a lot of footage was pitch black. Night filming sucks.

does ur camera have a night vision thing?

you can usually make things that look decent on your camera but crap on your computer better by making the videos sepia tone and brighter.

Pretty good. I wanna see a 360 unispin;)
As for the lighting, If your camera has a gain setting or ND setting you can usally get the picture to expose a bit more at night, tho you will be loosing picture quality.

haha, made me laugh when you said “scratched my crank”, I thought you’d broken it off or snapped your pedal or something.


Sweet vid!

Dark lighting is awesome, but it is much harder to do correctly. I thought you did a good job with poor lighting conditions.

cough Get Kaori out cough

+1 on both.

oh, it’s on.

Like donky kong at the break of dawn?

This is a video of both my brother and I…I’ve learned more tricks since then, I’ll have an updated one when available.

It seems like girls can’t ride unicycles, but aparentaly they can. Anyhows nice vid, but you should invest in a floodlight :wink:

That’s a pretty sweet video! I love the 24". Big wheels unite!

Looking forward to your next vid.

Cool! I thought you were both riding the same uni until the last part.

More! More!

yeah, go 24"s!!! :sunglasses:

You’re doing great! Finally got up the courage to do unispins, eh.

Are you using Windows Movie Maker? If so, you can use ‘Effects’->Brighten on the clips to brighten them up.
Cute music. Lots of great tricks. I hope I’ll be as good as you when I’ve been riding 3 years. Keep it up. Hope we seen more videos from ya.