My first uniing video!!

This is a movie i made from a day in the summer spent uniing in brighton with me, rich (loosemoose) and em (my friend who i recently taught - who at the time couldnt freemount normally and it was the furthest shes ever ridden!). Its not too great, but it was fun to make and ive not made one before so i thought id share it. Hope you enjoy it.
my vid

nice song.

looks like a fun ride

I wish I hade a cool place to ride like you do:(

Good choice of music, pretty chill :slight_smile: Lilly Allen was it?

lilly allen, LDN i think:D

gd vid gd music gd place:@ evil wish i could go there:P

Yay, the cool video is finally online! Just to try and justify my poor attempts at skilled riding, I had fallen off my schlumpf 36 at somewhere near 20mph the weekend before filming, wearing no protective equipment… And my knee still hurts now.


The music is Lilly Allen - Smile. And rich -you did well even with an injury! (and it taught you never to ride without safety stuff - a lesson i learnt today…). im definately going to have to get better so that next time i can put some footage of me in the video (well, more than just the back of me riding away…). Will hopefully do another video soon coz im starting to ride more, in southampton (another good place to ride :slight_smile: ), so i should be able to improve a bit and get lots of nice footage.

and hopefully your last

fun video, I liked the music and the over all feel of it.

Very Immature…

that was an awesome video. your so good at going to rubber from crank grabs :roll_eyes:

Waaay, I finally got round to watching it.

That was great, really like it, the song suited the location and the riding style. Anna, your a great rider, keep riding. Rich, you crankgrab so quick and smoothly its unreal.

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