My First Unicycling Video!


Please check out my first unicycling vid!

Shot on Dartmoor, Devon.

Any comments appreciated!


sick man, dartmoor is an amazing place! I watched the video a few times and enjoyed it. I need to get myself organised and meet up for a ride soon.

Haha cheers man! Awesome, well I’m free all this week.

nice video! :smiley:

Thanks dude! Just checked out the clips on your post. 100cm! Awesome! Don’t think I’ll ever jump that high with a 24"!..

hehe, you never know! get yourself along to some events :slight_smile:

Haha we’ll see!..I’d quite like to get a trials uni too though, they look pretty cool. What are the main events that take place? Would definitely be up for coming along to some!

Cool vid…thank-you from the bottom of my aging heart for choosing music that meant I could actually watch the video without switching the sound off. :smiley: