My first unicycle

Hey! I have been wanting a unicycle for a long time and am finally about to buy one. This is so exciting. I’m having trouble though deciding whether to go 24" muni or 20" trials/freestyle. If 24" I think I want to go with the Nimbus muni w/ ISIS hubs. Would this also be able to handle trials or is it too big and heavy? Is there any 20" that could do trials and also have the thick wheel for off-road and muni? If not, what 20" trials cycle would you recommend that’s lightweight and durable? If I do have to pick between trials and muni, what do you guys recommend? I will probably buy my first within the next 2 weeks. Please advise!

You can do trials with a Muni, it is just harder because a Muni is bigger and heavier. You can do Muni with a trials but it is slower and less fluid not being able to roll over as much stuff.

Ask yourself what is more important, ease in hopping up an obstacle or a bit more speed and ability to roll over ruts, roots and rocks. Once you figure that out you should know which unicycle would better fit you.

Having said that and since you want to do both I would say if you are short get the 20, if you are tall get the 24.

I have both (well my GF has a 20" because she’s not as tall as me), I find the 24" fits well for my 6’2" frame and it rides smooth. Jumping is much easier on the 20" as well as more tricks I’m sure, but I am more interested with just riding for fun and muni than trials and more advanced stuff (other than basic tricks and jumpin on curbs, which isn’t too hard on my 24"). The 20" is a lot of fun to mess around with, but it wobles alot and not a smooth ride. I (with MINIMAL experience, and I don’t know anything more than what i just explained) would suggest a 24" and then when you get good use the 20" if you want to do trials. At least with the 24" you can do longer rides, and hit some easy off road stuff; I’m sure there are some that will argue that at 20" is sufficient for causual riding as well. But of course its all about what you are looking to do, as stated above me. Good Luck!

Thank you both - that was really helpful. I’m almost certainly going with the 24’ Nimbus now.

One other question: Should I go with the standar Qu-ax “beginner” cranks or the KH? Is there any difference in difficulty? strength? Thanks again.

If you want to ride inside get a freestyle unicycle. If you want to ride outside get something with a fat tire.

Take the plunge. Get something then in a few months you will figure out what works for you and you will be ready for another unicycle then another then another then …

The advantage of the KH cranks is strength. People bend the Qu-ax “beginner” cranks.

The Nimbus 24" muni w/isis hub now comes standard with the new Nimbus Venture cranks. There is a recent thread about those cranks since they are new. Check the thread to see whether anyone has tested them yet.