My first unicycle?

Hi everyone !
Was wondering what sort of unicycle i should be looking at, as a first unicycle.
I have never tried it before , however its something ive been wanting a go at for some time.
Im not really interested in riding trials or anything like that… If i did get good at it, id be more interested in street + flatland.
2 have so far, caught my eye.
" the trainer unicycle"
However wouldnt the round forks on the above be no good for any stand up tricks ? ( thats if i got that far :wink:

Or there is this
Sure the club freestyle looks pretty nice, and similar equipment… But is the frame strong enough ? Im like 13 stone…

Can anyone see any difference in spec?

Thank guys and girls :slight_smile:

The Torker LX 20" is arguably the best begginner cycle there is (some people say the club is the best), I’ve ridden it and all my friends who I’ve gotten to start unicycling have started on that. The club and Torker will both serve you for learning but if you want to get into street, they’ll break once you start hopping around 5 stair sets. For flatland it should serve you well for a while. I’d recommend getting the Torker LX, and once you think you’re ready for a newer, better unicycle, get it and keep the LX as a freestyle unicycle.

Hope this helped and welcome to the forums.

I would say go with either the club freestyle, or the torker lx if you don’t want to put out the bucks for a uni w/ an isis hub.

I’m not sure why you’re being recommended the Torker LX as it’s not either of the ones that you’ve suggested or widely available in the UK.
My personal preference of the two would be the Club, weight shouldn’t be a problem and it’s got the flat crown you hope to need :wink:

Oh, weird, never knew that the Torker LX wasn’t widely available in the UK, my bad. The club would probably be the best purchase then :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome and comments/suggestions. I hope to be able to get into the scene, it would be great to be able to ride aswel as maybe sometime do a few little tricks !
Yeah i couldnt really seem to find the torker over here… Will the club be strong enough for what i need? I cant quote the site that i read it on, but im pretty sure i read it was for people under 11 stone ?! Im probably wrong…

infact here it is, copied off

We have two types of learner unicycles;
Dodger, Club and Luxus unicycles, which are suitable for children and are not recommended for people over 11 stone (70kg) and not for jumping or rough use;
the Trainer and Circus unicycles are more robust with CroMo hubs and stronger saddles so are suitable for adults as well as children.

So the club wont be suitable for me…?

The Club will be plenty strong, as long as you use it for learning, freestyle, and the occasional curb, it could last for years. W/ the short cranks it comes it’ll be harder to learn (but better for freestyle), so I’d get some cheap 150 cranks w/ it.

If you jump off stuff or do lots of hopping it’ll break much quicker (ie flat is much harder on equipment than freestyle, so stuff would start to break).

For doing stuff like flat, street, and trials most prefer a trials wheel, but for the first two some like a 20" better. So if you go this direction, you could upgrade to splined hub/cranks, but you’ll have to get the 40 mm bearing races to fit 42 mm bearings (shimming or grinding the races).

Ta for the advice.
Just so you know, I got bored and wanted one now ! So ive just ordered this :

In red.
May also get some larger cranks to start with :slight_smile: What ya think ?

I would. In addition for learning they’d be better for learning to ride backwards, help friends to learn and trials.

It’s quite strong, aside from the cranks. I’m not sure if it’ll have enough crown clearance but for trials or street you may want to get this tire. (these will fit)

(All ISIS)
Strong KH (least Q-F), Qu-Ax ChroMo (most Q-F), or Onza

Not strong (prob comparable the the stock ones)

Q-F: Q-Factor. More of it gives more control at slow speeds but more wobble at high speeds (riding fast, flip tricks, or REALLY skinny skinnies).

You will bend the Onzas if you do big drops w/ them.

Thanks for that , im guessing what you are saying, a wider tire will give me slightly more stability right?
Will see how i go… had a ride on it earlier , that things dangerous :smiley: Managed to get a few wheel rotations forward , if you know what i mean :slight_smile:
anyway gota go… am going on it now, in a nice warm underground car park :smiley: