My first unicycle video
This is my first unicycle video, it’s about 20 megs. nothing
really impressive.

Love the Tom Petty. Good ridin. Better than me :slight_smile:

good job ! you vid did not piss me off ! (feel special you are one of the rare ones)

Woah! That is a compliment :slight_smile:

Nice movie, not a fan of those transitions but everything else was good.

I was playing around alot in the editor, so i went a little crazy with the transitions. Sorry about that. Thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

Nice hops guys, I didn’t know u two are into street trials haha u never say anything when we muni. Hows that torker holding up Olof?


Nicely mixed video, but yes maybe too many different transitions.

How long have you been riding?

does sd mean south dakota perchance?

if it does, I’m from spearfish. looks like you’re in california or something though.

Nice film, but I would like some filming of the whole person, not just the wheel.

i liked it but i thought the credits were a tad too long

That was nice ridin. good job on the movie my first one sucks

Nice job with the video. I remember meeting you at the CA muni weekend with your brother and father as well. Actually I think even your mom was along also. We shared a van ride up to the top of the mountain on the second day. This sport is lucky when whole families get involved like yours. I say the more the merrier. You have a very nice family. Keep up the riding. It seems like you may be getting into trials with the bleachers and rocks etc.
It is always a tendancy to bounce or pogo at first when hopping. With some practice you will begin to just stick landings and save a lot of energy. It looks better also. Practice going up and down those bleachers trying to stick your landings without all the extra little hops. I think you have improved a lot since I met you so keep it up. Practicing still stands helps also. Then go for the SIF. I waited way to long to get the seat out and now it has opened up so much and feels natural to me. I never even practiced seat out until I was at this for about 3 years. If I could go back I would have worked on it much sooner. Next video try to get your dad in it also and a shot of all of you riding together.

Nice vid!

Nice video Olof!

All your practice is paying off :slight_smile:

Dad :roll_eyes:

P.S. Cool gap Magnus!

good vid, i agree with everybody else about the transitions, though. try and keep it a little simpler. I thought that the credits seemed a little long, because the words weren’t moving. nice hopping on the bleachers!