My first unicycle video! n_n

Me and my brother, Will (obtusellama) got a new HD camera so we decided to go out into Wollongong and make my first video. I’ve been riding for about 8 months now. :smiley:

I’m very proud of you :slight_smile:

And yay! my first grind :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome video.

Nice riding both of you. :slight_smile:

is the 90/90 unispin easier than the 180?

sweet vid guys, looks like you both had fun making that vid

IMO 180 unispin is easier.

I’de put them at the same level. the 90/90 requires an extra skill (hopping on tire) but the 180 is a little harder to commit to when you first learn.

to learn the 90, i need to practice hopping on wheel first, right? i have no idea how to even get up. i guess i just use a wall.

Check out the tutorial section (:
And I agree with Obtusellama on the 180s

Thanks for the comments guys. It was alot of fun making it :smiley:

i should make a progress video. i will end it with my first 180 unispin. once i land it

Yes you should (:
Good luck!

Very nice video, looks like you had fun :slight_smile:
Obtusellama, nice 3spin, clean as! jealous :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait for the next one

I also think that 180’s is easier :wink: You don’t have to learn hopping on the tire then :slight_smile:

Edit: The vid is good! :smiley:

you can do 90 unispins without hopping on the wheel! you can just hop down directly

I wish my brother would unicycle and buy an HD camera… but no. He’s a redneck gangster plumber.

Pros: One-footed riding, graffiti :), 360 unispins, riding down 4 set, slidding down ramp :roll_eyes: , grind on flat ledge, wheel walk, and seesaw:p.
Cons: Shortness of the video, hopping on wheel up and down 4 set and lots of pre-hops.
Overall: You guys are progressing well and I hope to see another video from you two.
Things Will should learn soon: Crankflip
Things Alice should learn soon: 180 unispin hopping on wheel

Thanks :smiley: we look forward to recording another video, they are alot of fun to make! Hopefully this time it won’t get dark as quickly as it did, otherwise it would have been a bit longer.

Crankflips eh? I’ve been trying so hard to land them but I’m not getting anywhere, I can flip them half a rev but I end up with the uni infront of me. I’ll see if i can land them in time for the next video :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem with crankflips but one day I just got it. What helped me was to put my front foot all the way on and my back foot hanging on the side. Then I put pressure on the front pedal and just thought of what cranks looked like and that helped me get my feet on the cranks. Hope this will help you.

Haha, thanks! they aren’t all that consistent but when I do land them they don’t look bad hey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip, I’m sure I’ll land my first soon :slight_smile: getting really close!