My first unicycle video!!!1

My first uni video ever. I hope you like it to some extent.

That was good! I want your uni… hehe.

Some tips for making movies…
you should probably edit it more and cut it so we just see you doing your line. In the beginning I think I was staring at a stair case for as long as I saw you riding. Cut it so we don’t see all that stuff inbetween the lines and the failed attempts (unles its a good fall). Also maybe don’t film the same lines multiple times.

Nice video:) you should got to some other places other than just that 4 set and yor like front porch:p

what spencer said.

Don’t worry my next video will be better and it will have my friend in it also. I will try and find a way to edit out parts that aren’t good but the software I use with the camera doesn’t allow me to do that so I am going to have to find something new. What do most of you guys use for editing and puting together videos?

I use Windows Movie Maker. It’s good

I want your uni:( ( and your shoes)

Trust me there is nothing special about my shoes they are just some addidas skate shoes that are falling apart. But on the other hand, the unicycle is great.