My First Unicycle Vid (31 Seconds - YouTube)

I’m on my 4th week of unicycling now. Decided to take a short video on my way home after today’s ride.

I’m still not able to freemount consistently. I rarely get it in one go; usually it takes me about a minute of failed attempts. I’m getting better but it’s taking a while. I try to do static mounts, but they always turn into rollback mounts. I don’t mind, but I’d like to be able to do static mounts and hops in the future so that I can take to the trails!

After freemounting, the toughest thing I can do right now is go up and down shallow driveways, where the road meets the driveway. They’re found at entrances and exits to parking lots and sidewalks so it’s important. Going down steep hills is way easier than I expected, and going up steep hills is harder but doable if I really throw my arms around and pump like mad.

Practically every time I go out, at least one person waves, claps or cheers me on - it’s pretty awesome :slight_smile: