My first unicycle: photos

I finally retrieved my first unicycle from my mum’s house the other day. (I called her bluff and lent it to her a year or two ago.)

Here are some pictures, showing how unis have evolved. The uni is a Pashley UMX, 20 inch, bought brand new in 1987. Note the cottered cranks, the lugged fork crown, the primitive seat clamp (brazed on, not replaceable) and, worst of all, the self-tapping screws that hold the lollipop bearing holders in place. One of these screws sheared very early in the uni’s life, and I had to drill out the remains.

I have upgraded the seat clamp by putting on a lever-type nut from a folding shopping bicycle. I have put a “better” tyre on, and the pedals are not standard either. As for the seat, that was sourced from a child’s bicycle, and is fitted to a conventional bicycle seat post. The original seat was a simple metal T-plate welded to the top of the seat post, and with a thin piece of cheap foam loosely held in place with a cover of ripstop nylon. It was desperately uncomfortable. And so was I.


Snap, i just gave away my first uni, apart from the tyre and the pedals it is as new, they’d replaced the self-tappers with bolts that pass all the way through, but otherwise it’s identical to your description, a friend of mine has a similar one with the saddle that yours has. I guess mine was a slightly later model than yours, with the better saddle and bearing arrangement. I learnt to Muni on this thing believe it or not!

it’s a bit dusty

Time to form a Pashley UMX owners’ group. We can all grow beards or handlebar moustaches, wear waxed cotton jackets, and meet up at a country pub to swap maintenance tips. We can appoint a Classics Officer who can liaise with local engineering firms to get small batches of replacement components made. We can have a rally once a year, with beautifully restored Pashley UMXes ridden in a concourse parade…

That’s far too accurate a parody, you’ve obviously has something to do with classic car clubs at one time or other (as have I). Then of course a vicious rift will form between those with T-bar and those with banana saddles, the T-bars will claim the the banana saddled unis aren’t really Pashley UMXs and are watering down the stock, the banana saddles will claim that the T-bars don’t move with the times, and that they spend too much time polishing and not enough time riding, the whole thing will escalate until the club splits in to two sections, each too small to really sustain it’s own existence so they both die out within the next 6 months.

Actually i think you can still get the bearing holders and bearings for them from Roger.

Motorbikes, but the ways people behave are very similar.:smiley:

There’s a guy at our juggling club who has one of those that is all original, but his seat is different. His seat is like the back end of a KH at both ends.

He reckons he’s had it for 12 years, and has been learning for 12 years. This weekend at Durham convention he finally got it and could ride it across the hall!

Not bad progress, eh?


nah, in the panther owners club we tell people off for keeping their bikes too shiny and use them to play silly games like the balloon popping race, who wants to waste time riding them riding round a ring??

Oh, and this was my first unicycle, but I never got to ride it as it hasn’t had a wheel whilst I’ve owned it…