My first unicycle dream

It finally happened.

Having only had a unicycle for 3 weeks, I had my first unicycling dream last night. In the midst of a really cool action movie type dream with rescuing of damsels and the such, for some reason I was unicycling.

From what I remember, I was unicycling backwards in a circle using only my left foot. A level 9 skill, when I haven’t even managed to freemount that well yet.

Oh the dream was good, but it had to end.


that is awesome! wow i think you’ve passed into a new level of obsession over unicycles. rock on!


How weird. I got mine early April and I just had a dream. The day before it, I watched a uni vid somewhere on this site, where the guy threw his uni at a wall. In my dream, it was sort of like that, but exaggerated. A uni came toward me flying through the air out of nowhere.

I’ve been unicycling for four months and have not yet had a unicycle dream (that i can remember)…
I’m sad.

Re: My first unicycle dream

Just so you know, there is a thread “Gallery of unicycling dreams” on
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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

i’ve had a few unicycling dreams… most have just been me doing radical tricks.

once i did heaps of 360 unispins (interesting…coz i can’t even do 180) and it was really easy

another time i was coasting down a steep hill in my neighbourhood really fast

once i had this really …weird dream

it started slightly normally… i was gliding down some hills in park…

then all of a sudden the park transformed into a massive waterpark…
i was unicycling down all these water slides and all these kids from my school were sliding down them. At the end of the water slide there was like a 10ft drop into water. i landed in the water and somehow i unicycled while floating in the water to end of the pool.

crazy huh?

I’ve had a couple of uni dreams, usually just doing stuff better then usual or stuff I can’t do, but before I learned to ride (maybe before I got my uni, I forget) I dreamt I was riding on a small uni, 6" or so thinking back, that had chrome hub cap type things instead of spokes and I was riding it through a junk yard fairly confidently… does anybody have a dream analysis book (or even web site) where they can look up what unicycling + junk yards =???

I haven’t dreamt of me riding yet… but i did have a dream where I was riding with Ryan Atkins (m_extreme_uni) and suddenly he did this huge 200ft drop. I was impressed, and ever since then, i’ve respected the guy.

Was it one of those dreams where you just “know” it was 200ft? Or was it something you know the height of? Did he land it? Did he bend his seat post? I had a dream where I just knew I was in Sweden (despite having driven there from the UK in about 15mins) having never been there and having nothing to tell me I was in Sweden. Crazy.

Well, i was in the middle of this cliff and suddenly Ryan dropped off from the top and he jumped to where i was… when i looked up it was super high, so i don’t know if it was 200ft, but it was humongous!!!

I don’t think he bent or cracked anything, but then again you never know… he might be like an animal hiding his wounds so that he won’t get eaten. And when I told him about my dream he said “Whoa! I’m good!”

this is a very important milestone in your unicycling life, it’s like when a baby takes its first steps…i’m proud of you! :wink:

Lol! Now I have this image in my head of your lion avatar eating Ryan Atkins because he failed to hide his broken unicycle after a 200ft drop!

I just had my second dream and let me tell you, I’m dissappointed. I dreamt my mom had bought me a new freestyle uni, and found an amazing new 28"er. Turned out it was only a 24"er but I wasn’t about to complain. I was flying around my house on it, I say flying cuz thats what it was like compared to my 19" trials uni and because it was a dream and there is a chance I was going faster then humanly possible. Then i woke up and came to the computer and realised my unis aren’t here! I was so dissappointed. The dream seemed so real too. Guess I’ll just keep dreaming.