My First Unicycle. Can you help?

Hey there! So I really want a unicycle, and I’m planning to get one soon so that I can learn over summer vacation. Anyways, I was wondering what type of unicycle I should get? I will mainly be commuting. When I commute, I mainly pass on paved road and road covered with small rocks. I probably won’t be doing any tricks with my unicycle. Would a normal beginner’s unicycle be fine for this? Also, I live in the USA, and I have been looking for a unicycle under $80. Does anyone know where I can get a unicycle for under $80?

P.S: I found this unicycle on ebay, but I’m not sure if it’s a good unicycle?|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|293%3A1|294%3A50

I’m sorry if this is a lot to be asking. But, Thanks in advance!

Well, I can tell you that I did have a beginner unicycle and it worked great, for awhile. You see even though you are not gonna be doing any tricks on it etc. after continual wear it seems that the beginner unicycles just wear down. I would strongly suggest saving the $80 dollars and saving up till you can buy something better that should last longer. That is what I wish I would have done and I hope you make a purchase you don’t regret. :o

If I increase my budget to $150 dollars, what is the best unicycle I can get for my needs? :smiley:

I received my uni the other day.
It’s the Nimbus, Club 20" tire. (gel seat is amazing)
Since you’re commuting I guess a larger tire would be best.
I know the Torker LX has pro’s and cons, mostly weak cranks, and uncomfortable seat. However, You won’t be doing tricks and you can get a KH air seat for it.
I am still new, these are just what I picked up from the forum.
Also, perhaps you can try to find a used bigger tire? A friend has a 36" tire that he rode for 12 miles with me.
Good luck!

How old are you? Long legs, short legs etc

Yeah if you just want one for commuting, don’t get anything below 24’’.

I’m guessing you know how to ride? Nvm, I just red your post again xD Uhhhh… I don’t wanna be a bad salesmen or anything but if you can’t already ride a unicycle, what makes you think you’ll enjoy commuting on it haha??

I didn’t read it thoroughly I guess. I missed the part where he is learning. haha.
Start with a 24" if you are going to be strictly commuting, That way you can learn bigger and it won’t be as big of a jump when you realize how much work it is on a 24" and have to jump to a 36".
Although, I was practicing on a 24" and couldn’t get it, now that i have my own 20" I love it.

Get a cheap uni that is in great condition, 24" if you are failry tall. 20" if not. Learn to ride it. Then when you are hooked, get at least a good Nimbus 24" that will last and resell the 1st uni for what you bought it for. Otherwise if you get a learner new, you will lose more money as they wont last for real riding. Great to learn how to ride though and if you really like it.

If you want my opinion on what unicycle to have (depending on how much $$$ you have though.)

1) Torker LX.
2) Nimbus 20"

They come in 24" if you want as well and the nimbus comes in red too also. :smiley:

This is the best deal that I know of, but always google anything before you buy.

I would recommend the 24 over the 20 because you said you will be riding on some gravel. You will want to consider a 24 muni, it is the easiest to ride off road. The Nimbus ISIS is the most affordable of those, but will still set you back around 300 $.