my first uni!

hey i have been interested in learning to uni for a wile and thought i would get one but im pritty broke at the moment.

my neihbor has a Avenir Deluxe Unicycle that they NEVER use so i could by that of them for a few bucks. I know a 60$ uni is probably crappy but it will get the job done.

i dont plan to be doing hardcore tricks anytime soon but i wanted to know if this will break easly? it looks pritty sturdy to me. any thoughts?

will this hold up 6 months intime for my B-day when i will get a better one.

i really just want to know what a uni like this can take.


This uni should be good to start learning unicycling but not farther than that. So it should last the first 6 month before you B-day easily without hopping and doing stuff like this. I think it would worth the $60, when I got my first uni, it was exactly the same and I got it for $100. Go for it and have fun!

I’ve been using a Cycle Design learner for a month so far. It looks almost identical to that Avenir. Maybe it IS the same, just sold as a different brand.
See it here. I got it off craigslist.
It’s been holding up well for me so far. I could see it lasting 6 months, but it might be hard for you to keep from buying something better before then.
After a month, I’m just about ready to buy a new one (Nimbus Muni) to do some flat trail muni riding. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Good luck learning to uni!

Thanks! i havent got a chance to ask for the trade yet! hope they dont want it.

I’m still riding the cheapie I learnt on.
I’ve added a pink tyre, shorter cranks (for UniHoki) and a KH seat, but it’s still the same frame and rim.
That uni will serve you well and remain in your stable as a “learner” to lend out to others while you try n convert the world to the one wheeled way.

Let us know how you go.

WOOOHOOO!! ive been pracising about a week ( I had to go camping for 10 days ) and now I can go really long distances. I made it about .25 miles!! im pritty good at turning but I cant always do 180s. And I still cant idle or go backwards. I can freemout some…

I might post a vid later.

thanks for all the help this forum has given me!!

That’s one more of us and one less of them.