My first uni video

Well…I’ve done this video,it’s called “With Brunetta”(Brunetta is my uni’s name).

Hope you like

Con Brunetta


cool vid do you only do freestyle?

liked the hopping with the ring

Also some MUni,in good days,but almost all my energies are spent in the freestyle

Very, VERY creative. Awesome.

That was so rad! I loved it!

I want more!

great video! i like your tricks! i´ve seen you at unicon too. you´re very good! keep it up!

Hands down amazing. You made freestyle soooo much cooler with that video alone. Keep those videos comin’!

Yeah,I remember,I judge your trial line for soo long :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys.

yes, and i hate you a little bit for joking with me when i finally did the line :smiley: [SIZE=“5”]joke[/SIZE]
but it was very funny :roll_eyes:

Cool video, very fun to watch.

nice man, i liked the spin you did with the seat on the ground kinda rodney mullen style freestyle unicycling :stuck_out_tongue: nice work

wow great riding.You have some crazy creativity there.I really liked the trolley skills at the airport

rodney mullen?Isn’t he a skater? well,can’t see much in common with him :smiley:

I really liked this video. Both the unicycling and juggling. I’m a juggler you see, so I can’t appreciate a good ass catch. Nice with the 5 rings.

your really good how long have you been riding??? but i say you should go into trials its way better than freestyle in my opinion

How can you say that :astonished: Cant you see he loves freestyle.If he wanted to do trials he would

And why should he conform to your opinion? I would be upset if he switched to trials. This is probably my favorite freestyle video, and he is one of the most creative freestyle riders around. Each person has their own style. Unicycling is an excellent means of expression, and no style is “better” than any other.

With that said, great video. I want to see more from you.

You blew my mind from 0:38 to 0:49! What happened to the kid in the background at 2:14? :slight_smile:
Great vid, hope to see more soon!

Great video!

that thing at .38 was spectualar. so original. nice work. loved all the trolly stuff too.