My First Uni Vid - Freestyle

Initially I filmed this just to be able to see myself ride but I’d like to share in hopes of getting some advice. The video is nothing big, so don’t get your hopes up but I’d like advice on one footed wheel walking. This isn’t all that I can do, and by all means it doesn’t showcase the best of my normal wheel walking but here we are!

Again, constructive criticism welcome.

P.S. It was fun chasing that cat away :slight_smile:

It looks like you have the right idea for 1-foot WW. Try sitting up straighter, and look ahead instead of down. Have you tried going from 2-foot WW to 1-foot? Maybe you can keep a more upright posture than when you mount into 1-foot.

I like it, I need to learn to do the wheel walking

I have tried transitioning from 2-foot to 1-foot however the result generally seems to be the same, 6 or 7 scuffs. I have trouble when doing it while looking ahead, I never get very far, but you are right about sitting straighter, I need to practice that. The biggest thing I notice while attempting 1-foot wheel walking is that I either feel like im falling forward and cant scuff fast enough to catch myself or that the scuffing throws me too far off balance either forwards or back.

Thanks Enahs, wheel walking takes a lot of practice but it is definitely rewarding.

that was really good man! keep it up.

Thanks for the advice and encouraging words everyone! I’ll post a more significant video once I’ve got gliding down. :slight_smile:

nice:) keep it up