My First Uni Arrived Today, BUT........

After waiting since last week, I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new (first) uni.
I eventually decide on the Nimbus II 20" Freestyle from Unicycle .com as a good quality learner to keep hold of.
It arrived today and I started to assemble it.

Unfortunately, one of the four threaded holes in the frame which take the bolts for the bearing holders was tapped in at quite a severe angle, and was therefore useless. were very responsive and have put a spare frame in the post, hopefully to arrive tomorrow.

Is something trying to tell me not to learn this crazy sport ? :slight_smile:

Crazy sport?
what about bear wrestling, now that’s a crazy sport!
Or bicycling! I mean, what’s up with that extra wheel? Why would I want two wheels when one works just fine? And all that extra frame to support that unneeded wheel. It’s inefficient if you ask me! :smiley:

that sucks man!

Don’t let it put you off Joggerdude it’s worth it.:smiley: It’s just one of those things that come at you from time to time :roll_eyes: You will have to let us know how you get on when your replacment frame arrives ?:smiley: