My first trials video

Here’s my first video, with me riding street and trials.
please take a minute or two to watch, and i hope you’ll like it.

on youtube,

wow nice tuck how long u been riding?

NIce video man, I liked it. Your crankflips look sick.

Great skills there Sigurd! And that jump to rubber up the pallets at 1:26 was impressive! :smiley:

Thanks for the positive comments.

hmm, i think i have been riding since start of summer '07

Not bad, keep up the good work!

not bad :roll_eyes:

Nice video. Got enough pallets at 1:31? :roll_eyes:

Nice riding!
One tip, it might be helpful to do your prehop further away from the target, this means there will be more room to tuck your uni towards where you are aiming it and will also send your momentum towards the object making it more likely to stay up when you land on top.
I hope I made sense here haha
Anyway keep this up its looking nice

Haha, yeah, it’s a factory near me with lots of pallets i can use whenever they’re not working.

I’ll try that next time riding :slight_smile:

Nice video sigurd

Really cool video Sigurd, keep it up

Wow, that was really good. Do you have a 20" wheel or 19" because I’m a bit confused about the gray or red stripe on the sticky fingers. I also have never seen anyone with redder (don’t know if that is a word) hair.
EDIT: What cranks do you have?


Nice video Sigurd… kommer du også med en street video snart?? det ville være fedt :smiley: Hilsen Anton

I think my wheel is a 19" but i’m not sure. My cranks look like this. I can only find them in my danish store, and since you’t can’t speak danish i just showed you this pic of 'em. They last ± a half year.

I hope to convince my sister to go film me at my school soon. I’m gonna do some street there too.
We’ll see.

Very good … red heads just look natural on a uni! That is a compliment from an old redhead.
Keep on hopping and riding.

Nice vid. Do you know why the picnic table at 1:50 is broken? :roll_eyes:

I know that i folded the part of it to sit on up. It can easily be folded down again. But i know why some other picnic tables in my area has some major scratches ;).