my first trials vid

i just made a video with some riding that i did at a park a few mile from my house. I was mostly just having fun but it was one of the few times my riding is ever filmed. I also added an older clip from a little course in my driveway. Tips would be appreciated:)

youtube -

vimeo -

Hopping less would be to your advantage.

yeah, I know Ive been working on it, I just wasnt really thinking abouthopping less when I was doing it

The way I work on it is by doing less and less hops until I can’t further improve my hop.

Nice,keep up the good work

Good first vid! How long have you been riding for?

I liked it, and your pedals
(I have same ones)

about a year, but i haven’t really done any trials until about 2 months ago

I’m pretty new at this. What do you mean?
I think you must be talking about the little hops he does for position and/or for getting ready for the main hop. Right?

yes (both) that is what he means, doing less little set up hops conserves energy and looks lots better