My first trials ride in spring

Ok, so after a long day of work and a month or so off the wheel, I finally put on my shingaurds and gloves and jump on my uni.
I head down to the church, there are some cool trials lines.
So, on the way to the church I ran into a construction site.
There were some stage elements.
Perfect for a warm up pedalgrab (50cm high).
Only problem, the lower stage element was realy unstable.
But I gave it a go, and I did land it after 4 tries.
So back on the road.

Then I came to a new house, with a cool skinnie (I think a meter or 20 long)
It was as wide as my trials tire (Maxxis CC 2.5").
I needed a lot of tries to nail that one, I think 20 or so.
But when I finally did, I was so happy.
So back on the road.

Then I reached the church.
First pedalgrabed a wall (70cm high) and a ledge (90cm).
Then some skinnie hopping and gapping (planter box 50cm high and 30cm wide, ledge of the box was 2").
After that, I went to a ledge that was 70cm high tosee if I still could hop 70cm and be precise.
It did that me some tries (8-9 tries) but I did manage it.
Then I went to the litle school in the back af the church.
There they have a sick playtoy(climbing rack) for me at least :stuck_out_tongue:
Put a tractor tire against it, and you have a tech trialsline.
Litle drawing to explaint it:


*= to keep the drawing like it is.
-= top of climbing rack.
/ and = side walls of climbing rack.
#= tractor tire put against the climbing rack.

So the idea is: 1. jump on the lower part of the tire
2. gap to the higher part of the tire (± 50cm higher)
3. then gap from the top of the tire to the top of the
climbing rack.
This is realy hard, because the top of the tire is realy slippy and you need to land precies on the top of 2 grip treaths of that tire.
And then hold your balance and be able to hop to the top of the rack.
But I landed it after only 5 tries.
I tried that line a couple of months ago (4-5 months) and then I needed 45 minutes to land it :o , so I guess I’m getting beter.
Then I went back home, but another construction site attracts me :stuck_out_tongue:
It had a litle wooden slope (that lead to the door of the house) and next to that there was a pile of pallets, and the top one was on his back.
So I tried this:
Hop up the wooden slope, until I’m next to the pallets,hop onto the support beam of the pallet, gap to the next beam and to the next beam and then hop to the concrete.
This was harden then I though, because the slope was bouncy and the pallets were unstable.
But I didn’t care, just tried it.
After 6 tries I landed it and continued to my home.
But then again I saw a concrete rail I thought about hopping on before.
So I though “Why not now?” :stuck_out_tongue:
I set up and hop onto the rail, hop on the rail and hop of it to the other side.

Then I finally went home, for real :wink:

So I had a prety cool trials ride, after a (for me) long time off the wheel.
Glad I went out and ride.
So I’m back and can’t waith until FLUCK to go out and ride with the unicycle community.
So you guys: trial isn’t dead, TRIAL IST GEIL.

Hope you somehow liked my first “litle” write up.

Peter M

Sweet, you’re pretty darn persistent. Good job.:slight_smile: