my first time muni

Practicing on horse trails for few weeks did not prepare me for the roller-coaster like drops, narrow paths, and crazy dips that threw me off my uni several times. Muni is some seriously extreme riding, I am beat now.
Now I know why people prefer the longer cranks and smaller wheel. I had to walk about a third of the way.
I guess the Coker is really for street/urban riding.
In meanwhile, will try some more trails with less steep hills.

Doing your first bit of MUni on a coker is pretty crazy.

It definetely is crazy fun though.

i can ride faster on grass and horse trials than i can on pavement. so i just power through them.

Re: my first time muni

I’d think, dodging horse pies all the time, you’d become pretty nimble with your wheel. That is, if you bother dodging the pies :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had fun! Let us know how you do with the Coker MUni… I am still on the fence with my opinion on Cokering, but my buddies say Coker MUni is a reality. Put some good body armor on and go to it, then give us another post! Good luck!

You should PM Adam (Justonewheel) for tips about riding MUni on your Coker. As shown in several threads, he rides the trails twice a day with his dog. If you could see him flying through the trails, rolling over everything in his way, you’d be in awe. He could keep up with any unseasoned mountainbiker, like myself. We did a group ride yesterday (LI Greenbelt MUni Ride) with photos and video to come. Keep an eye out for it soon.

I rarely do MUni, but when I do, I use my Coker. the only unicycles I have are my KH20 and a Coker, and MUni is more difficult on a 20"…