my first time in the rain and first mud face plant

:smiley: untill yesturday i had never unicycled in the rain before i was about i was like 100 meters away from my house when it started raining hard(i have crappy pedals so i wanted 2 get home with out slipping off them) so i was riding bascally as fast as i could while keeping in mind my pedals are wetā€¦the rain is coming down its really really awsomeā€¦but in the back of my head i knew i was going 2 get in trouble if i was soaked so i countinued homeā€¦there was about maybe 10 meters left i was thinking ā€œyes! im going 2 make it all the way in the rain with out slippingā€ then slip face plant into the mud and i was right in front of my houseā€¦good times

it might not seem like a big deal but i was surprised how far i got in the rain i mean it was pouring ā€¦and i usualy have trouble riding after it rained when the ground is wet let alon while its rainingā€¦in summary it was pretty sweet :smiley:

Cool dorfman!

Hopefully someone else was there to enjoy it. I had a spectacular MUni mud faceplant that several others got to see. Unfortunately it was not captured on video. I was repeatedly told by my ā€œfriendsā€ that I didnā€™t have any dirt on my face after trying to wipe it off.