My first stupid comment !!

OK. So, I’ve been reading all the threads dealing with the stupid, “where’s your other wheel?” comments and associated retorts and I finally had my first one ! I was riding around the block the other day and someone standing in their front yard yelled out, “you forgot the rest of your bike.” I yelled back that I couldn’t afford a whole one. I’ve been at this a while and definitely fall into the SLOW learner catagory. I’m just venturing out into neighborhood and risking my life with the traffic but now that I’m getting out more I can see that I have to look forward to many, many inane comments from the commoners. Mostly though, I’m exited that my riding level has improved to the point that I can actually get out on the town a bit. Don’t really want to start another thread about stupid comments, there are already too many of 'em. Just wanted to tell someone.

Unicycling is sooo cool. I still can’t get all the way around the block without a UPD or two. I did do enough laps around the tennis court the other day to total a half a mile without a UPD. WooHoo…Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Hahaha I love all the stupid comments unicycling gets. For me it’s half the reason it’s more fun than biking. Whenever I go down to my old school’s parking lot to practice and people are there they normally yell something at me. My favourite so far is simply “Oh my god it’s a unicyclist!”.

They think it’s amazing no matter how much I suck. I was practicing idling and falling off every 10 seconds.

My first stupid comment was today by a little girl maybe 5 years old. She said I should join the circus.

The “that is so coool” is great to hear.

What I don’t like is the rare silent 14-16 year old kid that rides by on their bike ignoring me. I don’t trust those guys. When their behind me I worry their going to loop back and put a stick in my spokes or something. Is it just me?

At that age, some of them are just ‘too cool’ to acknowledge that there is someone riding a unicycle on the same sidewalk they are on.

That is funny, where do 5 year olds get that point of reference. I can’t remeber the last time I have seen a uni at the Circus. Now that I ride, I actually look forward to seeing them when I take my daughter.

I went for a muni ride today and got the familiar “You’ve left half your bike on the trail” comment from a mountain biker. But the best comment came from a guy as I was riding back to the car. His comment was “Hey, can I try that?”. :slight_smile:

Turns out the guy used to be in The Uniques Unicycle Club (the same club I’m a member of now) but he hadn’t been on a unicycle in a while. I lowered the seat and he was able to ride around and even go backwards a few revolutions. He’s been living a sheltered life since leaving The Uniques and didn’t even know that mountain unicycling was something that people did. Maybe he’ll catch the bug again.

I remember the last time - when I collected my daughter from a trip to one on my Uni! it was about 6 weeks after I started riding & in front of all her friends. She loved it (& ok, I admit - so did I!)


I got a “Where’s your handlebars?” question yesterday on campus (from a prof)… I looked around wildly and said “I knew I’d forgotten something!” Better than that was the guy who saw me and said it was awesome I could do that, and that was impressed that I commuted down “the Hill” (about a mile long semi steep hill that pedestrians, cyclists, and owners of 3 cylinder cars dread). Even better than that was when the cute girls started applauding :wink:

hahah both my little bro and this little kid down the street asked me when i was joining the circus. these kids are both aobut 6-7…that was funny.

Dude -

Although the only interaction we’ve had so far was politically opposing eachother in the “FOR REAL: Presidential Unicyclist Poll” thread, I read your post and realized something.

This gave me a firm grip on the fact that, tho I may differ greatly with someone’s view, we still have the most important things in life in common: love for our chirld(ren) and enjoying our kids’ new experiences with them.

Oh yeah, we both uni, too.

one i got the other day was “thats no good it’s got no handlebars” and (if i remember corectly) a chuckle.

We often get heckles whilst riding about town, but normally they are not ment in a bad way, its just how they react to something they dont see everyday. If you smile and be nice they can actually be quite positive.

In regards to mountain bikers generally they are quietly amazed at what we can do, the other day when we turned up at a north shore centre, the mountain bikers couldent get enough of the best member of the unicyclists there.

And yes to the guy that said its half the fun of unicycling, the publics reaction is fun when you can take in a non serious way.

At the skatepark i ride at everynow in again i’m always asked to either ride a wheelie do a backflip or ride the half pipe. I don’t mind the where’s your other wheel ones