my first solo cross country unicycle ride!!!

I rode it all!!! 3 UPDs and 2 PDs.!!!

2.3 miles, in a straight line (not in circles around the complex)

AND I was wearing a backpack!!!

I can’t believe no one else has replied. I love threads like this. It makes me remember how awesome it is to learn new things, and how awesome it felt finally to be able to ride a good distance on a uni.

Rock on, Sgaterboy.

good work, i remember what it was like when i did something like that

That sort of ride puts you in an elite. 6 000 000 000 people in the world. Only a few hundred of them have ridden a unicycle further than 20 metres.

Good Job! I bet there are a lot of cool little rides around your area.

A few hundred? Methinks you greatly underestimate the uni population.

Ok, let’s say he grossly underestimated. A few thousand out of 6,000,000,000 is still pretty good.

Way to go, Sgaterboy! I, myself, have not made it much past a mile. I was working up to it when the whether got a little too unbearable for an afternoon workout in the sun. Things have cooled off now a bit and when I get back from my business trip mid September, I will start working on distance. Though I’m probably gonna need a bigger wheel than my 20".

BTW, if you assume 6000 unicyclist out of 6 billion people, that’s 1/10,000th of a percent. That sounds pretty elite to me!

Having said that, it seems like I’ve read that Japenese students are taught unicycling in school. That would probably boost the number of unicyclist up a pretty good amount. Looks like they have roughly 1.2 million people. If we assume all can ride, then that gives us 2/100th of a percent. Hey, still not too shabby!

Ok, sorry for the threadjacking here. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread. :slight_smile:

. . . so If the fact that they’re technologically superior, have a healthier, non-overweight population, and have a far superior work ethic wasn’t enough, now they all have to be unicyclists, too? I’m beginning to think that these so called ‘Japanese’ are merely a figment of our imagination, created by the Bush administration to make us americans work harder to “keep up”

Thanks for all your support! I’m gonna start taking pics…

Well done mate!
As someone once said to me after my first long ride, (it was either Harper or Gild) you are now a rider. You don’t just fool around in a tennis court. You go from one point to another.
You should be proud of yourself.
I know I’m proud of you.

A good site that I found to track different trips that you make on your unicycle is

As of a few years ago, the Japan Unicycling Association was claiming six million people in Japan have learned to ride since they started in 1978. Almost all are elementary school children, though I’m not sure how much formal unicycle instruction they get there. The one school I visited had the unicycles as playground equipment. At recess, loads of kids ran out (to the dirt schoolyard in their bare feet) and grabbed the 50-or-so unicycles they had and started riding around or trying to along railings. That was in 1987.

So 1/10 of 1% of the original six billion are already covered by Japan. But still, probably 99% of all the world’s unicyclists don’t go on long rides.

i just got my first distance ride (about as long as yours) a couple days ago! isnt it a great feeling?!

Distance riding rules! Sgaterboy, congratulations on your first big ride. And what a location to have it! Looks like you’re about as far south as you get to go in the US.

Many happy returns!