My first (small) video

I made a 2 minute long trials video today. Its nothing too special, from just about 30 minutes worth of riding. (How do you like that, 30 minutes of riding, 2 minutes of video, 3 hours of trying to get it into the gallery:) )

It says its six minutes long, but after 2 minutes, it’s over. I’m pretty much just experimenting with video stuff…

Here’s the link:

good video and the music was good too but I think they were too much pedalgrab. Your stand up ww was nice !

yay the firts one to answer

Yeah, every time I tried to go rubber to rubber on the round things, my tire would fold bad. I had it too low.

I did the whole thing with a digital camera that only took 15 seconds of video at a time. It was a pain.

good stuff, nice to watch on a rainy day like today!

sweet video man. The standing up part was awesome, we totally have to meet up sometime and ride. You know anyone else in the (relative) area?

whoa…youre real name is forrest. kidding

i liked it. i dont do trials at all so im sure its hard. i liked the stand up ww but i liked the transition even better cuz i know how to stand up ww just not the transition part. good job on it man.

Great! That’s definitely not mediokre…it was superokre. :slight_smile: You’ve really got those pedal grabs down. My favourite part was the rail towards the end, which probably won’t come as much of a surprise.


Thanks everyone!

I’m going to make a longer, better, and better put together video evanntaully, now that I learned how to do everything. The 15 second digital camera was a pain in the butt, but it works.

Yeah, theres an avid trials rider in Butte, the shop manager at Big Sky Cyclery in Helena rides his six foot girrafe 1 1/2 miles to work everyday, I know a rider in Deerlodge and one in Anaconda, aswell as a few in Missoula… There are a lot of riders in Montana, just all spread out. I dont know of any others down around were you are though.

And ‘THE dave’ on the forums lives in Whitefish (near Kalispell).

Nice video you got there, pretty good for a first. Is that the construction site you were talking about?

They still don’t have any thing good at my construction site, they haven’t seemed to been working on it lately probably funding issues or something.

Who sings ‘next to you’ in the end of that video?

someone cool want to post a format that my compy will love and cherish? It’s not going so well over here. Playlist format not recognized.

Both songs are by The Offspring. The second one was sort of a ‘hidden’ song on the CD. I couldn’t take it out, so I just left it.

No it’s not, actually. I can’t ride there on weekdays, when the workers are there. But, the big cylinder things are old old steamroller parts…

Sorry, I don’t. I had it in an AVI file, but that wouldn’t go in the gallery. Mac, right?