My First Show! help

Okay so December 15 I am doing my first show and I need help with what people like to see. This is not just my show because it is a uni/majic/juggle show and I am a beginner juggler who can only do 3 balls. However, I am a pretty good unicycler so tell me things people like to see so I can learn them or just practice them. The audience is going to be people from grades 9-12 so that may be a factor in this. Please tell me anything else or ask questions that could help. Thanks!

I do have a giraffe that I can mount on also. Is there any cool giraffe tricks that aren’t too hard to learn?


  • Spinning 2 flaming devil sticks while riding a giraffe unicycle
  • riding 1 footed
  • I guess the best thingl to do is improvise

trials definitely, that age demographic will like it a lot better than just regular freestyle tricks.

Or some street, so you don’t look like a clown, but you are still doing tricks and don’t need to bring any big props with :smiley:

flips and spins bro, flips and spins. also suicide mount or kickup mount.

I suggest not do do many flips.

Many people wont even notice that you just did a crankflip.

Im not saying not to do them, but just a few good impressive ones. Try to do more spins, because the audience will be able to tell that you spinning your uni, and also do flatland tricks, like a lot of Xav and Loics combos would be good to watch.

Try get some trials stuff in there, some pretty big gaps, and jumping off the stage is always good.

The main thing about performing is, its not about the skill of the tricks you are doing, its if the audience is enjoying it and having fun. If your doing big tricks that are extremely hard, and the audience doesnt care, its not worth it, but if your doing even the most basic tricks, but making the audience love it, then your doing it right.

Oh yeah, call up a volunteer and jump over him. =p

Crankflips and super-technical stuff is boring to watch for unicyclists who aren’t street obsessives, I reckon it’d be dull as for someone who didn’t know what was going on.

If you can mount a giraffe, that’s a fantastic trick in itself. I’ve seen someone stretch out mounting a giraffe into a really good 15 minute show.

If you can mount a giraffe and then juggle 3 things on it, that’s super fantastic. If you get someone up from the audience to throw them to you, that’s even better.

Assuming you have a trials too, jumping over people and jumping off the stage does always look impressive.

If you’re doing a bunch of unicycling stuff, talk to the audience about what you’re doing, and play up how hard it is, maybe even mess up a couple of times on a big trick like mounting a giraffe to make it look harder.


I guess this might be dangerous but have a 2nd hand uni. And while on stage let it catch fire with a push of a button. Or do 360 spins while at the same time creating a small smoke show from the spinning. My list goes on and on. hahaha

You know what trick really impresses me?

Using the Search Feature with your toes.

going along with that, you can take match heads, the just burn them and the ashes are really good for creating friction smoke (rubbing hands, snapping fingers) so that might work on your tire or something.

Well, those are some good(and some very over-the-top) tips. Now, commuting on a 20" unicycle? SOMEONE has to have done it. It’s a parade. :slight_smile: Anyways, I’ve read unicycling and juggling isn’t too hard. And that you can suicide mount and ride around, show your pain(I hope it’s not a lot…stretch the truth for them, though!) and show the difficulty by UPD’ing on the tricks. After an almost perfect ride:

Newspaper photographer: But that’s easy!

I dared him to try and mount the unicycle using a post.

Newspaper photographer(after almost falling and not mounting a few times): Congratulations, Andrea.

So, I suppose you can have some other people try it. Often people are twice as amazed than at first when they try it themselves! Also, they often can’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue: So you may someone from the audience attempt to mount a unicycle. And…I dunno…one-footed idling sticking your foot out(like on a kick) looks better(on shows) than one-foot idling with the foot in. Wow, that reminds me of the hokey-pokey(sp?) :thinking: Anyways, I have not so much advice to give…I have squeezed the last of my advice out of me…at least the one I remember right now. Post how it goes! At least PM it to me… :wink: please?

Non-riders are impressed with anything…so show them what you can do.
These tricks are aways good:
Wheel walk
Hand wheel walk
Stand-up wheel walk
Riding one foot
One foot idling on side
Jump mount
Be sure to have a Q&A time at the end.
Just have fun with it so they want to learn too!