My First School Presentation

Did my very first school presentation this past Wednsday at my unicycle student’s school. Anakin helped and demonstrated free mounting, and we showed some video clips, had Q & A, then went outside for riding demos and lessons.

There were about 30 students per class and we did two back to back. So many kids wanted to try riding that we ran out of time, and I was surprised so many girls wanted to learn! Was a fun day and they all seemed to have a good time and showed a lot of interest.

anakin bleacher.jpg

bleach t.jpg

Nice, I bet u got a couple of converts :slight_smile:

Very cool that you were able to do some school demos! It’s tough doing hands-on with unicycles in a school setting, since it’s very hard to give each student enough time to get to where they think they can ride. If each person only gets 5 minutes, or even half an hour, they will tend to think it’s even harder than they thought it was. Then you take the unicycles and go, so it can leave a negative impression (at least with some people). Not to be a downer, since the ones who are interested are going to remain fired up and hopefully learn someday. You have inspired them.

Nicely done!

That’s an excellent project!

Not to rain on your parade, but I would be concerned about liability if a kid breaks his arm/wrist/nose on your watch; do you have the parents sign a waiver (so-called “hold harmless”) first?

Nice. I’ve found it hard to do this kind of thing lately. Insurance issues they claim…nobody wants to take a risk, which is a bad sign for our society.