my first ride out.

i got my unicycle and took it out for the first time today. it was amazingly fun. i was out in a rather public area and it can’t really be helped. i got the attention of quite a few people a couple of which knew how to ride so i let them take it our for a spin and asked for a few pointers.

my last attempt of the day i achieved my goal of ~5 feet. about 45 mins into my hour i realized i was a little quicker on getting onto the uni and it felt a little more natural. only one thing to do now is to keep practicing!

Congratulations! You’re doing well; keep it up.

It’s good to see your having fun

I wish that I had as much fun learning as you are.

I always reckon that once a learner has done a ful revolution or two without furiously tryi8ng to get the wheel to catch up, then they have doen the hard frustrating bit. After that it is all just a matter of doing the time.

You’ve got past that bit so congrats. Don’t it away now until it is ingrained.

i just got back from practicing, it was my 3rd time out. i didn’t improve my distance form last time but i matched it. i also think i learned what a good ride feels like, or at least got a taste of it. where everything is aligned and you’re perfectly balanced and moving smoothly, it’s addicting.


Well done rebeljohn747. Now that you’ve mastered the first “steps”, every ride will be an improvement (riding more relaxed, therefor riding longer distances, therefor getting better = more relaxed riding,…)




quote ‘’ aligned, perfectly balanced, moving smoothly’’

Are you sure you’re only on one wheel, not two ? :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:
Well done you!