My first real trail ride....

I posted this on a mountain bike forum I hang out on but I figured I would copy it here so ya’ll could read it too…

I can relate to what you’ve experienced. Many years ago, when I was racing motorcycles offroad< I took up mountainbiking. I couldn’t believe how how the trails were when riding them under “pedal power” Then, a little over 7 months ago, I took up unicycling. Once I got my MUni and hit those very same trails that I had mastered first on my motorcycle and then on my mountainbike, it was if I was riding them for the first time

Some of my posted adventure in uni-ing (you may need to register to see the older posts). The last one is an overnight camping trip.

So did you get any comments/converts/snide remarks, and/or, “man, and I thought I was extreme”?
It’s only a matter of time until we pull another one into our fold… :slight_smile: :angry: (We need an evil smiley. That’s the best I could do.)

I actually was the only person on the trail so I got no remarks…but I am sure I will, I get them on the street as it is so I am sure the mountain bikers will have something to say…

The most annoying thing about my ride was that I was somehow the first person to ride the trail yesterday so I was covered in spiders and webs :astonished:

How about remarks from people on the MTB forum?

Well they just wanted to know if I rode with a monkey on my shoulder… :roll_eyes: :smiley:

North Carolina? Can you make it to the Hugofest Juggling festival in Davidson this weekend? I’m bringing a Pashley 29er and a coker to ride on the cross-country trails; if we’re lucky someone else will bring a giraffe. It’s a blast, bring 25 bucks to help cover building rental and a sleeping bag, there is crash space behind the football field. (a mile walk). Search Hugofest on google for the website. Chris Bogardus in Boone

Zod, thanks for sharing your Adventure. I’m sure there will be many more to come. --chirokid–

carjug, I’d like to make it up to Davidson…it’s less than an hour drive for me but I have another event to be at this weekend ( ) so I doubt I will be able to make it…

Here she is…don’t mind the long brake cable, I still need to cut it down, it was the rear brake on a bike. :slight_smile:

Hey Zod,
You may want to route your brake hose with a loop under the saddle instead of wrapping it around the seatpost after you shorten it. This makes for a much cleaner look. These are some bad quality pics, but you can get an idea of what I’m talking about here:

I’d recommend the 90 degree mount for the hose at the lever. You can direct the hose then lock it in place with the mounting bolt for an even shorter hose. See here:

Your brake lever is also a bit too far forward. In a UPD the tip of the brake lever is going to hit the ground. You want the handle of the saddle to hit the ground first and protect the brake lever.

But even with moving the lever back so the handle hits the ground first, you can still break the brake lever because the uni falls strangely or it just happens that a root or a rock is right where the lever lands. Brake levers on a muni are vulnerable to breaking even if you do your best to protect it.

I am going to put the brake lever back a little farther once I get my extender which should be here on Monday!!! :slight_smile:

Here are some shots from this weekend of me doing some idle and hopping :slight_smile: